THINKING ABOUT MOVING TO COSTA RICA? If you’re thinking about moving to Costa Rica from the US or moving to Costa Rica from Canada, then Costa Rica for Expats gives a clear picture as to what to expect once you begin a new chapter of your life moving and living in Costa Rica.

Furthermore, we created this guide specifically for English-speaking digital nomads who may already have their hearts set on moving to Costa Rica, but need a little more encouragement. Costa Rica for Expats eBook aims to be that extra encouragement for all the Costa Rica Digital Nomads and Expats out there! We sincerely hope that our eBook motivates you to take the chance to enjoy an experience filled with pura vida as a digital nomad or Expat in Costa Rica!

To help you best prepare when moving to Costa Rican experience as a digital nomad or expat, Sterling team has created this eBook full of useful tips and information about Costa Rica and the lifestyle digital nomads and expats get to experience. In this book, you shall find the perfect guide to give the most detailed information about Costa Rica’s culture, population, and opportunities.

Moving to Costa Rica?

With Costa Rica for Expats eBook, you will learnThe cost of living in Costa Rica is fairly low and the taxation is actually quite favorable to the expats.

Before You Move to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica for Expats eBook will help you get familiar with all the things you need to know to have the perfect expct experience in Costa Rica.

After You Move to Costa Rica.

This book will help you navigate the airports, set course to find your way to the nearest grocery store, and mark all the best spots for you to enjoy pura vida as soon as you arrive in Costa Rica.

Moving to Costa Rica Pros and Cons.

Just like everything in life, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows in Costa Rica all the time, but with the useful tips we wrote in our book, you can rest assured that any one of the Pros about life in Costa Rica can outweigh any number of Cons any day.

Read Costa Rica for Expats on multiple devices!!! Start by reading it on your laptop and finish reading it on your phone! We share years of experience within the pages of Costa Rica for Expats, for you!

Costa Rica for Expats eBook has everything you need to know on how to live a very comfortable life as a digital nomad or expats when moving to Costa Rica. Our goal is to familiarize you with the region and its culture so much that you feel like you’ve been part of the community enjoying pura vida life style with us from the very beginning.
Trust that with the information in this book, you’re going to fit right in!

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“ Costa Rica for Expats”

Elizabeth Ford

As someone who has worked in the relocation industry and is presently an expatriate, I can say from experience that “Costa Rica for Expats” is hands-down the top book for anyone when looking on Moving to Costa Rica from the US. Presented in an engaging and interesting way, the authors don’t “talk down” to their audience, but use a friendly tone and explain industry jargon. I would surely recommend this book!

Norman Jones

Divided into the chapters of Costa Rica for Expats, the authors successfully and comprehensively address the critical aspects of a move, from Moving to Costa Rica with your pets to tips on language learning, managing your move, and ensuring you’re safe and healthy in your new Costa Rica location. The book is designed for anyone – company-supported or privately shifting residences with no big support – and with anecdotes from individuals all around the world, provides a detailed look at the experience and the experiences someone experiencing an international move will encounter. We would not be able to get books like this if it were not for this writer and Amazon. Thanks to you both.


Michael Rochester

This book offers some great advice for moving when you have a company or government moving you and a network to tap into who has done your similar move previously. If you are going it alone, the advice is very rudimentary. This book is a ‘must’ for everybody going overseas to learn how to prepare the whole family for what is a major transition. Following the excellent advice offered will preclude negative reactions from the children both now and in the future. I recommend you get a copy of this book.

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    About Costa Rica Luxurious Team: Book authors and Real Estate investors.

    Costa Rica for Expats was written by the team at www.Costaricaluxurious.com with the goal of helping fellow Expats, real estate investors and digital nomads with a one-stop-shop wealth of information about what life is like in Costa Rica for those of us who have a very strong entrepreneurial spirit. Having said that, we hope to help you achieve a perfect balance between work and the pura vida life style by using our book as your personal guide to a financially secure future and adventure in Costa Rica.

    If you happen to be an expat, digital nomad or investor, you will definitely have a lot to gain from the recommendations we have on the different ways you can invest in Costa Rica’s Real Estate and build your wealth.”

    It’s our hope to show you, the investor, the powerful economical aspects that make Costa Rica a great place to make your investments as this wonderful country keeps growing year after year!

    “If you’re a digital nomad, don’t worry because we have room for you too!”

    Bienvenido a Costa Rica, Pura Vida!

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