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What you need to know about Costa Rica travel restrictions in 2023:

What you need to know about Costa Rica travel restrictions in 2023:

What you need to know about Costa Rica travel restrictions in 2023


Costa Rica is the most beautiful country in Central America. It is a traveler’s hotspot and favorite destination as it is teeming with scenic landscapes. Costa Rica’s volcanoes, mountains, parks, rainforests, and amazing accommodations are attracting travelers worldwide. COVID-19 was so communicable disease to affect people’s health, travel, business, education, and around all fields.

Most adversely it affected the people who were travelers ever wishing to see the world. The pandemic has closed travel to other countries. About all countries including Costa Rica implemented travel restrictions. Tourists were required to be vaccinated and be in Quarantine after reaching the airport. Let’s look at current travel restrictions in Costa Rica after COVID-19.

Current travel restrictions in Costa Rica:

Currently, the Republic of Costa Rica has granted access to travelers from all over the world if travelers entering Costa Rica fulfilled Costa Rica’s entry requirements to Costa Rica are met. Now, visitors can access Costa Rica by sea, land, or air. But, even now all tourists must conform to pandemic COVID-19 restrictions and precautions. Some travelers are needed to show a visa for Costa Rica entry.  

Quarantine or COVID detection tests are not mandated by the local Costa Rican Government of the Country for visitors entering by land or by plane.  Travelers in Costa Rica by the ocean who have not stopped at any terminus will not be isolated for 14 days or additional days if they have already spent this duration at sea.

For all recreational activities, the Costa Rica government abides by its Visitor particular hygiene protocols for safety reasons. All other travel restrictions like wearing a mask, being vaccinated, and distance maintenance been have eradicated by now.

COVID 19 testing requirements:

Costa Rica managed its travelers to fill out health passes which were digital forms within 72 hours before arrival. Such a form is filled out with guardians or parents for every visitor- including their kids. The official website providing this health pass form was the HEALTH PASS WEB PAGE.

This health pass has info about the vaccination certificate like a vaccinated person, the name of the pharmaceutical company that launched this vaccine, and the date of administration of each vaccine dose. Those travelers fully vaccinated against covid were eligible to enter Costa along with the travel policy. Costa Rica authorized the following vaccines against Coronavirus:

  • PFIZER-BioNTech
  • AstraZeneca

All documents should be in Spanish or English to be approved or reviewed. Travelers of age over eighteen must buy international or Costa Rica travel insurance if he is not vaccinated. This health insurance allows for medical expenses or Covid 19 related accommodations.

What to expect in Costa Rica restrictions 2023

 Following changes are expected in Costa Rica entry requirements and tourist visas:

Potential change to travel restrictions as the pandemic evolves:

Most pandemic restrictions are eradicated by now. To enter Costa Rica, the traveler’s nationality is the most important for applying visa to Costa Rica. Visit Costa Rica Embassy’s official website to know about further respective areas and nationalities to enter Costa Rica. Sure, health passport validity, quarantine, and COVID-19 test are not mandated now. Costa Rica is now open to foreign tourists.

Discussion of any new  entry requirements or changes to existing rules:

Travel documents to travel to Costa Rica are now changed. As Costa Rica opened for all its travelers, Costa Rica law mandated visas, enough stay funds, travel insurance, onward ticket, entry stamp page copy, and passport front page copy, along with a vaccination card to enter any Costa Rican restaurant, hotel, or lodge.

Information about vaccines, vaccine passport, and entry stamp:

Currently, entry and exit requirements for travelers are according to local laws. Needed documents to enter Costa Rica are an entry stamp on a valid passport, international driving permit, medical evacuation insurance, up-to-date proof of yellow fever vaccination, return ticket or onward ticket, valid travel insurance, completed health insurance plan offered by local laws, valid tourist visa, and enough funds to stay in Costa Rica.

Tips for traveling to costa Rica in 2023:

It is recommended to stay up to date about Costa Rican travel insurance or international travel insurance by using the Costa Rica telephone. As the Pandemic evolves many restrictions on travelers were eliminated but still, some entering Costa Rica face above mentioned restrictions. To enter Costa Rica, confirm ongoing Costa Rican law by local authorities. Costa Rica’s ministry shares new restrictions on their Embassy in San Jose. Local media plays an important role in this matter.

Tips for staying safe and healthy while traveling during the pandemic:

International travel insurance is among the emergency services of Costa Rica. as Costa Rica opened now, public transportation to San Jose is allowed. Be aware of traffic laws implemented in national parks and rural areas, sexual assault, and contaminated food. Immigration authorities exercise caution for international child abduction and drinking alcohol.

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Health care for deadly illnesses and body fluids excretion as a result of mosquito bites is cured by proper medical care. Wear a life jacket and carry bug spray for the entire duration of several hours spent with tour operators. health care for a deadly illness is provided to a traveler on a tourist visa. Costa Rica entry requirements abide visitors to drink alcohol to remain mentally alert.

Suggestions for things to see and do in Costa Rica:

Sufficient funds must be carried along with you if you are striving to not face natural disasters like illegal drugs, written consent for medical attention and to administer routine vaccines. Entry requirements must be filled out to the democratic republic after COVID-19’s entire duration. Embassy San Jose approves the negative test required and all other entry requirements.

Public hospitals in Costa Rica can help visitors to fill out the negative tests required for COVID-19. Safety features are ensured by an immigration officer. Still, you should carry an aid kit in adventure sports. Health facilities for disease control are administering Costa Rican prescription medication. Medical services on the Pacific coast. It needs medical evacuation and a health pass for rural areas.

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A health pass is still required by local authorities of Costa Rica as their entry requirement. travel to Costa Rica without vaccination is now allowed. Some healthcare restrictions for public transportation are mandated for travelers. Such hygiene protocols and medical treatment are expected to be eliminated by 2023.

Start your journey to visit Costa Rica’s most peaceful and encouraging environment after the pandemic. It will relax your soul with its charming landscapes and picturesque natural climate. Still follow COVID-19 restrictions to enjoy healthy travel to Costa Rica.

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