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What Makes Dominical Costa Rica So Special?

What Makes Dominical Costa Rica So Special?


Dominical is a hidden gem located on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, known for its laid-back atmosphere and stunning natural beauty.

With its sandy beaches fringed by lush jungle and a bustling local community of ex-pats and talented musicians, Dominical has a unique and bohemian charm that is not easily found anywhere else in the entire world.

For that matter, even in Costa Rica, there are only a handful of places that can hardly compare in terms of beauty.

But it’s not just a destination for relaxation as the surrounding area is home to a wealth of activities that are sure to excite any adventurer seeking to have some thrills or explore new places and have a unique experience.

From waterfall hikes and wildlife spotting to surfing and sunbathing, there’s something for everyone in Dominical and it will be only a matter of time before you find something in this magical place that you will come to love.

So if you’re looking for a getaway that combines laid-back beach vibes with exciting outdoor activities, this is the place for you. Be sure to add it to your bucket list and start planning your trip today!

Now that being said, let’s get started with what makes Dominical Costa Rica so special.

The Beauty That Is The Land:

Dominical is a small town located on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, known for its beautiful beaches and laid-back atmosphere. The town is surrounded by a lush jungle and boasts a vibrant local community of ex-pats and talented musicians, giving it a unique and bohemian charm.

In addition to its sandy beaches and laid-back vibe, Dominical is also a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts, with plenty of activities to enjoy such as waterfall hikes, wildlife spotting, and surfing.

The area surrounding Dominical is home to several stunning natural attractions, including the Barú Volcano and the Nauyaca Waterfall, both of which are popular spots for hiking and nature viewing. The town is also located near the Marino Ballena National Park, a protected area known for its diverse marine life and beautiful beaches. In addition to these natural wonders, Dominical is also home to several local artisan markets and organic farms, making it a great destination for those interested in sustainable tourism.

Despite its small size, Dominical has a rich history and culture. The town was founded in the 1960s by a group of surfers who were drawn to the area’s strong waves and laid-back lifestyle.

Over the years, it has grown into a popular destination for travelers from all over the world, attracting those seeking a unique and authentic Costa Rican experience.

Today, Dominical is known for its thriving surf culture, as well as its music and arts scene, making it a vibrant and culturally rich destination.

So let’s learn about the places worth visiting in Dominical.

Special Places Of Dominical:

  1. Nauyaca Waterfall: One of the most famous waterfalls in Dominical, Costa Rica is a sight to behold. Standing at a majestic 197 feet tall, these twin waterfalls are surrounded by lush rainforest and abundant wildlife.

To reach these natural wonders, you’ll need to make a short drive from Dominical to the ticket office, where you can purchase an entrance ticket for USD 12 (or USD 10 if purchased online). From there, it’s a 1.2-mile drive to the parking lot, where the hike to the base of the falls begins.

The trail is a 4-kilometer round trip along a dirt road, with some steep inclines – so be sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen. However, the trek is well worth it as the view from the top of the falls is breathtaking.

For a refreshing swim, head down to the base of the lower falls. Just be sure to spend plenty of time taking in the beauty of these stunning waterfalls.

Image source: Tripadvisor

  1. Manuel Antonio National Park: Located just 50 minutes north of Dominical, this national park is a stunning landscape that is widely considered one of the best in all of Costa Rica.

The park is home to a variety of wildlife, including sloths and monkeys, as well as pristine beaches that are perfect for swimming and sunbathing. There are several hiking trails within the park, all of which are interconnected and easy to navigate.

If you’re planning to visit Manuel Antonio National Park, you have two options: you can either self-guide your tour of the park or book a guided tour that leaves the city of Quepos, which is located on the border of the park.

No matter which option you choose, you’ll need to drive yourself to one of the parking lots near the entrance gate, where you can leave your car for the day. The cost of parking is around 3,000 Colones, depending on how close you are to the entrance.

Image source: Tripadvisor

  1. Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary: If you’re passionate about wildlife conservation, then visiting this place in Costa Rica is a must-do activity during your trip to Dominical.

This non-profit rehabilitation center is dedicated to treating and releasing animals back into the wild, and visitors can observe a variety of species such as sloths, jaguars, pumas, macaws, toucans, and monkeys during your tour.

Not only will you get the chance to see these amazing animals up close, but your tour fee will go directly towards supporting the sanctuary’s important work.

Tours are available at 9 am, 11 am, and 1 pm from Tuesday to Sunday, and cost USD 25 for adults and USD 15 for children. Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is located just a short drive from Dominical, and you have the option of getting there by taxi or by driving yourself.

 Don’t miss the chance to learn more about wildlife conservation and see these amazing animals during your trip to Dominical.

Image source: Tripadvisor

  1. Pozo Azul: Located just a short distance from Dominical and Dominicalito Beach, Pozo Azul is a breathtaking waterfall that is well worth a visit because of its crystal clear waters and surrounded by lush greenery, it’s the perfect spot to relax and take in the beauty of nature.

To get there, you can easily arrange for a taxi from Dominical for around 3,000 Colones (USD 4.50). Once you arrive, you can take a dip in the cool, refreshing waters of Pozo Azul, and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

It’s a great way to escape the heat and relax for a while. While there is no official entrance fee to visit Pozo Azul, it’s worth noting that some locals may try to charge tourists for access.

 After your visit, you can take a leisurely walk from Pozo Azul to Dominicalito Beach, just be mindful of the highway that you will need to cross. Despite the short distance, it’s important to exercise caution when walking along the highway. All in all, a visit to Pozo Azul is a must-do for any traveler to the Dominical area.

  1. Parque Reptilandia: This place is a hidden gem located just a short distance from the town of Dominical, on the way to the stunning Nauyaca Waterfall. 

This small reptile park is a must-visit for any wildlife enthusiast visiting Costa Rica and is often a popular stop for those who have just finished hiking to the waterfall.

Upon arrival, you may be initially fooled by the park’s somewhat rundown exterior, but don’t be fooled because the park is well-maintained and home to a variety of Costa Rican reptiles, including lizards, frogs, and snakes.

As you explore the park’s trails, you’ll have the chance to see some truly incredible creatures up close, including the highly sought-after Eyelash Viper.

The admission fee will only cost USD 12 for adults and USD 6 for children, and operating hours are from 9 am to 4:30 pm, Parque Reptilandia is an affordable and easily accessible way to get up close and personal with some of Costa Rica’s most fascinating wildlife.

Image source: Tripadvisor

Now that you know, let’s talk about the Dominical beaches in Costa Rica.

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The Special Beach in Dominical, Costa Rica:

  1. Dominicalito Beach: This is a serene and uncrowded stretch of sand located just south of the more popular town of Dominical. The calm waters here make it an ideal spot for swimming, and visitors can also enjoy sunbathing and soaking up the peaceful atmosphere.

Local vendors can often be found selling fresh coconuts, adding to the laid-back vibe of the beach. If you’re looking for a unique dining experience with stunning views, be sure to head to Cabinas La Parcela, a charming restaurant located at the southern end of the beach.

For a truly immersive experience, consider embarking on a beach walk from Dominical to Dominicalito and back, taking in the beauty of the coastline along the way. Just be sure to watch for the section of the walk that takes you along the highway and keep an eye out for the road leading back to the beach.

Image source: Tripadvisor

There are also some other interesting places worth noting in Dominical, Costa Rica.

  1. Fuego Brewing Company: Located in the heart of Dominical lies Fuego Brewing Company which is a surprising and unique brewery that is a must-visit for any craft beer enthusiast.

Surrounded by stunning natural beauty, the brewery is situated just off the main street, hidden from the bustle of the town. The building itself is elevated off the ground, featuring a beautiful bar and restaurant that overlooks the surrounding jungle.

But the real gem of the brewery is the brewery itself because the tanks and brewer can be viewed through a glass floor which is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Fuego Brewing has eight beers on tap to choose from, including ale, pilsner, IPA, kolsch, and pale ale, with the Kaka mango pale ale being the particular favorite among visitors.

In addition to the delicious beers, the brewery also serves food, with dishes such as the Poke Bowl and Lobster Sandwich receiving rave reviews. So if you’re in Dominical and looking for a unique and enjoyable experience, be sure to pay a visit to Fuego Brewing Company.

Image source: The Fuego Brewing Website

  1. Cafe Mono Congo: If you’re in Dominical and searching for the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of coffee with a scenic view, look no further because this is the perfect place for you.

Located on the banks of the Río Barú, this charming cafe offers a peaceful setting where you can listen to the soothing sound of the water as you savor your morning brew. With a menu full of delicious options, it’s no surprise that Cafe Mono Congo has gained a reputation as a must-visit spot for breakfast and lunch.

Among the dishes that are highly recommended are the breakfast tacos, the breakfast bun, and the Jalapeno cheddar omelet. So if you’re in the mood for a tasty meal in a beautiful setting, be sure to pay a visit to Cafe Mono Congo.

Image source: The Mono Congo Website

  1. Phat Noodle: One highly recommended dining option in Dominical is Phat Noodle, an Asian fusion restaurant that serves up a variety of dishes including classic curries, pad thai, and teriyaki stir-fry. In addition to its mouthwatering menu, Phat Noodle also boasts a lively atmosphere and the opportunity to watch the chefs in action from certain tables.

A must-try for any foodie visiting Dominical is their happy hour, which takes place from 4-6 pm and offers two-for-one cocktails. Don’t miss out on this delicious and vibrant dining experience during your trip to Dominical.

Image source: tripadvisor


In conclusion, Dominical is a small but enchanting beach town located on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing beach getaway or an adventure-filled trip, Dominical has something for everyone.

So be sure to add this charming destination to your travel list and start planning your trip to Dominical today because there are plenty of adventures awaiting your arrival, and there’s no time to start planning for your trip like the present.

We’re certain there’s something for you in the beautiful town of Dominical.

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