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Unforgettable Fishing Experience with Yellowfin Sportfishing Charters in Guanacaste

Unforgettable Fishing Experience with Yellowfin Sportfishing Charters in Guanacaste

Sportfishing with Yellow sportfishing charters in Guanacaste

Yellowfin Sportfishing Charters is a fishing company located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The company was founded in 2002, and since then, it has become quite well-known among tourists and locals alike.

It has now secured a fleet of twenty fully insured boats, first-class quality fishing gear, a navigational system, GPS, VHS radios, and the latest electronics, controls, and sonar equipment. The company chooses and uses the highest level of equipment of Penn International and Shimano Reels. Furthermore, captains, first mates, and other staff members of Yellowfin Charters have vast experience and knowledge of the regions which are best for land and water tours, sport-fishing, fly-fishing, diving, snorkeling, rafting, kayaking, horseback riding, and many other big activities possible in the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The company also conducts trips to national parks. Don’t miss this picturesque chance to choose.

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California Pacific coast foggy landscape, Costa Rica.

Sportfishing with Yellowfin Charters

Flamingo, sprawling over the North West coast of Costa Rica, is considered the prime spot for sport fishing with organized day fishing techniques learning. Twenty miles west of Flamingo, the depth of water rises to more than 2000 feet, and one can find a massive range of aquatic eco-system. There are large schools of Pacific sailfish, huge marlins brightly striped black and blue, and various types of tuna fish to review ocean life. Marina, wahoo, sierra, Crevalle Jack, Spanish mackerel, and anglers can be found all around the year, only about five miles west of Flamingo in Catalina and Brummel Islands. Several kinds of snappers, such as Pacific Cubera, dog tooth, and roosterfish that weigh around 80 pounds during the daytime are also seen.

With Yellowfin Sportfishing Charters in Costa Rica, you can catch to host plenty of popular fish on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, however, do not forget the motto ‘Catch the fish, check them out, and release!’. The best season (summer months) for Marlin fishing includes the months of September, October, and November in which many fish, particularly the big blue and black Marlin, can be found 20 to 30 miles offshore very easily. If you happen to visit out of the fishing season months, especially March and July, then you will need to go further for adventure, about 30 to 50 miles offshore, to catch a fish.

For those who want to go for sailfish, the best months are from December to April, although they can still be caught all year round in good numbers and mix. Yellowfin Tuna, popular due to its large size and amazing taste, can be seen from June to September. Travelers wishing to tackle some Mahi Mahi on their tropical vacation should come in the rainy season from May to October. Wahoo and roosterfish are usually caught while looking for some other species and can be a nice surprise for the fisher. During fishing, the feeding habits of different species must be kept in mind so that they can be used for bait and fight accordingly with quotes.

Besides sportfishing techniques, Yellowfin Charters offer a variety of adrenaline-pumping ventures such as intense canopy tours, sailing in the azure ocean, scuba diving to encounter the underwater world, party tips for visitors’ guys, and plenty more activities at very reasonable rates.

Contact Yellowfin Charters and Diving

Location: Guanacaste, Costa Rica


Phone Number: (506) 2653-8022


Yellowfin Sportfishing Charters

It was founded in the year 2002, The company is famous to maintain its fleet of 20 boats that are not normal ones, they are top first-class boats that are equipped with the latest fishing equipment in the region of Simar and control. The owner is so kind to make you feel that you are his family. Each of the members and captions of the team of company has an extensive amount of knowledge about conventional, Catch, release, and fly fishing.


The Pacific’s best offshore fishing Includes all types of the best Billfishing in which (Mahi-Mahi) is Dorado, Marlins, and the Yellowtun fish with few pounds, these all-interesting fishes are just some of the mile’s ways from the port. Inshore waters are considered to be the home for the Red Snapper, Jack Crevalle, Mackerel, and Roosterfish. Experience catching them with friends in the day while spending hours here.

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All of the boats are fully equipped and insured with the state of navigational system, the art of economics, VHS radios, GPS, phone, and the presence of fully rigged sports fishing. The proper Sinamamo reels and Penn International were used in the boards to enhance safe fun.


Their site is named “YELLOWFIN SPORTFISHING and tours”. Their website is divided into different segments like their home, information about the company in which Their background and history have been described, knowledge about their boats and land tours, diving Guanacaste, the tour that consists of the snorkeling and sailing tours, you can also avail the offer of the photo gallery tour. You can also rent a car for you your tour through the website directly. You can contact them directly and there are many more options you can get, all of them available. Mexico hooked up year-long with this site.


They are providing the best services for fishing from the most authentic and recognized hotels in the area for example Hacienda Pinilla, Westin Playa Conchal, Yarmarindo Diria, Yarmarindo’s best Vista Villas, Papagayo’s best four seasons’ resorts, and offshore coast with boat services. These resorts and forts provide the best possible way to connect with the natural environment and animals.

Plan a trip to catch nature’s beauty, inshore fishing, saltwater fishing, deep sea fishing, fishing trip, and marlin fishing with fishing charters. The efforts of the preservation of nature have been visible and make the environment beautiful and interesting for visitors and travelers.

They are providing the best services that are beneficial for the visitors. They are trying to make sure that their services provide the best comfort and relaxation to their visitors. This is the reason they have amazing customer feedback. The whole reviews and ratings are mentioned on their website you can visit there to check it out and also book any tour according to your choice, budget, and timing schedule

This is the best thing about them that they always look forward to making their service easy to available for all. Travelers become more comfortable in booking because of the policy of free cancellation because they don’t have any fear that their money will be wasted in case of an emergency.

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Yellowfin Sportfishing Charters in Guanacaste provides the best shipping experience to Expats. Foodservice is fantastic along with other services. Pre-Booking is recommended to avoid inconvenience.

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