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Costa Rica In December: A Guide To Planning Your Vacation During Peak Season

Costa Rica In December: A Guide To Planning Your Vacation During Peak Season

Costa Rica In December: A Guide To Planning Your Vacation During Peak Season

Costa Rica is an eco-tourism destination with tons of natural beauty – the beaches are pristine, and the rainforest frames the perfect backdrop. What’s more is that Costa Rica offers world-class food and a rich culture, which makes for an excellent experience all around. With so many things to do and see, Costa Rica is a great place to spend the holidays with your family or friends

So, Is December a Good Time to Travel to Costa Rica?

As is the case with most tourism-based industries, December is a very popular month for tourists to visit Costa Rica. Not only are the crowds of tourists much smaller, but the weather conditions are also ideal, and the prices are reasonable. This makes it a great time to find cheap flights to Costa Rica or book accommodations around the country.

In Costa Rica, December is considered a ‘dry’ month, with rainfall amounting to nine-tenths of an inch. However, the average temperature during December is 60 degrees F. This makes December the perfect time to travel to Costa Rica and enjoy all that it has to offer. A majority of the population visits Costa Rica in December because it’s the ideal time for tourism. Christmas is such a popular time of the year because many of Costa Rica’s attractions are free and open to visitors. Some great examples include swimming at one of the country’s beautiful beaches, exploring San Jose, and hiking through Manuel Antonio National Park. In addition, the weather makes Costa Rica a popular destination for surfing, which is especially active in December due to the consistent swells from the northeast. The winds make for great kitesurfing, as well. Moreover, your trip to Costa Rica will include tons of wonderful food from local restaurants – there isn’t a better city in which to celebrate Christmas.

Rafting in Costa Rica

If you plan to travel to Costa Rica in December, make sure you are prepared with layers of clothing. The temperatures tend to climb a bit higher at night and in the morning. Guides recommend bringing a warm outfit and extra layers that can be worn over your clothing. Costa Rica has a wealth of natural beauty, so make sure you bring along some cameras to document everything.

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When is the Ideal Time to Plan and Make Your December Reservations?

If you make your reservations for Costa Rica as early as possible, you are likely to find cheap flights to Costa Rica or accommodations that fit within your price range. However, if you wait until your departure date, you’re likely to see a significant increase in prices. This is because the majority of tourists plan their trip for the holidays, and there isn’t an abundance of rooms available. If you have a tight budget, it might be best to book your trip in advance.

Costa Rica has a variety of accommodations, so it’s important to get the right one for your trip. In addition, if you plan on being out in the country and hiking, you’ll want to make sure that you book accommodations that are centrally located. It’s also important to note that Costa Rica has a lot of steep hills, so make sure that the accommodations you choose are equipped with elevators and easy-access ramps.

What to Expect From Your Travel Agency:

Many travel agencies offer low-cost Costa Rica packages. However, only some of them are reputable and offer quality services. The first thing to ask is whether your agency is a member of the Costa Rican Tourism Board. This will ensure that they’re held to a high standard in terms of professionalism and customer service.

You should also ask whether your agency has an office in Costa Rica and if they have a bilingual staff – this could be extremely important if you’re traveling with family members who aren’t fluent in English. You should also ask about the safety of your travel agency – if you’re planning to travel to Costa Rica during December, you might need emergency evacuation insurance. Finally, make sure that you ask about how to get the best deals and discounts with your package.

Costa Rica Views

One thing to note is that many travel agencies promise cheap Costa Rica packages and discount flights, but they are unregistered and unreliable. Therefore, it’s best to do your research to ensure that you’re working with a reputable company. You will want to ensure that the package includes all flights, car rentals, as well as accommodations. If you want to be able to see and do everything without worrying about anything, then choosing a package is the best option for you.

Is it Safe to Travel to Costa Rica in December?

Costa Rica’s safety record is one of the best in the world. Many travelers don’t think twice about visiting this beautiful country because they are not aware of this fact. The people of Costa Rica are friendly and helpful, but they also take safety seriously. In addition, the country’s location in central America tends to keep it well away from dangerous travel routes and areas.There are also safety precautions that you should take to ensure that you are well-protected on your trip to Costa Rica. First and foremost, you must be aware of your surroundings at all times. Don’t venture out alone at night, but also know where the police stations are located in the area where you plan to visit. Regarding crime, Costa Rica has a very low crime rate. This can be attributed to the country’s excellent police force and forward-thinking laws.

Events and Festivals in December:

The major events that take place in December Costa Rica include:

Christmas/Navidad: This is the biggest celebration in San Jose and Costa Rica, although December 25th is free of celebrations due to the country’s Roman Catholic heritage. However, the 26th and 27th are national holidays, so there are parades, fireworks, and lots of fun for everyone while they visit Costa Rica.

Carnival: Many Carnivals take place throughout the country during December. The most famous ones are the Ochos Rios Carnival, which is located on the Caribbean Coast, and the Limon Carnival on the Atlantic Coast. Both of these Carnivals take place over an entire week on the Caribbean coast.

El Tope Nacional: Tope is a famous horse parade, and it takes place on December 26th in celebration of Christmas. Horses and riders will parade through the streets while wearing brightly colored rugs, costumes, and flags.

Virgen de Los Ángeles: On December 8th is a day to celebrate the Virgin Mary. During this event, there are parades, processions, and everything in between to honor this important figure in Costa Rica.

New Year’s Eve: Costa Ricans have invented a tradition called ¨burning the year¨ – they set fire to old newspapers, magazines, and other objects that they feel represent the old year so that they can start fresh in the new one.

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Best Things to Do while in Costa Rica in December:

Some of the most popular things to do include;

Visit Corcovado National Park – this park is home to many amazing landscapes and wildlife species, including parrots, monkeys, dolphins, and snakes. There are trails that you can take to see many of these species up close. This park is also very close to La Fortuna, which is a nice town to explore.

Visit Tatooine Beach – this beach has some of the most stunning turquoise waters in Costa Rica. It’s also located at a great spot on the way down to Jaco, and you can visit it all in one trip.

Beautiful View

Visit Arenal Volcano National Park – the mountains surrounding this park are very beautiful, but the volcano itself is worth seeing as well. It’s located in a unique place, and it is a major tourist attraction. There are hikes available to go up to the volcano, and it doesn’t take too long to get there.

Visit The Santa Ana Zoo – This zoo is one of the most popular places for tourists in Costa Rica. There are both exotic and local animals that you can see there. The entire zoo is impressive, especially because it’s one of the few places in the world where you can see sloths up close.

The Costa Rica’s vacation package is very economical. A lot of Places include san josé, costa Rica’s national parks, the pacific coast, Costa Rican art, the Pacific Ocean, the gilded iguana surf hotel, cloud forests, and Manuel Antonio national park. You can enjoy scuba diving, the central valley, beautiful palm trees, white sand beaches, la paz waterfall gardens, hiking trails, and lush green jungle while visiting Costa Rica.

See Also

Puerto Viejo Costa Rica is the best place for surfing and the sea spas. The Arenal volcano national park is the best scene in Costa Rica vacation. Tropical beaches in Santa Teresa and La Fortuna waterfall while living in the resort is Pura Vida.

Costa Rica has other attractions like a Caribbean coastline, iguana resort, Cahuita national park, lovely green spaces, cloud forests, Las Catalinas, and zip lining. The underwater world in the Caribbean sea is best for sports fishing.

Gilded iguana surf hotel and Sant arena hotel provide full-service spas. Cloud forest and Tortuguero national park are beautiful attractions for greenery lovers. Guanacaste beaches and nesting sea turtles give beautiful views. There are many other places for local tours.

Osa peninsula is loved for deep sea diving. Tabacon hot springs add beauty to nature. Beach towns and cloud forests give new life to expats.

Due to the large of tourist attractions, vacation packages vary from season to season. Hilton San Jose airport and Marriott San Jose airport are crowded in December Costa Rica vacation time. Not only beaches, Costa Rica’s national parks are also famous as tourist attractions.

The rainy season in Costa Rica is the best time while visiting Costa Rica. Hot springs in Costa Rica attract a lot of expats.

Costa Rica is a romantic getaway for tourists to spend their dream vacation and spend time at different tourist attractions. Visiting Costa Rica in the dry season has different vacation packages.

Life is amazing on white sand beaches with an inclusive resort, flamingo beach, flamingo beach town, and beach club. Other places include plaza los mangos, drake bay, la Fortuna area, and other tourist attractions on the Pacific side.

Costa Rica is a tropical country with a cocoa beach.

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Your travel to Costa Rica in December can be a truly incredible experience. You’ll find more affordable prices as well as fewer tourists than at other times of the year. This can be a great time for you to learn about the local culture and get away from it all. If you’re looking for a magical, authentic, and inexpensive trip to Costa Rica, then you should do your research thoroughly and list things you want to see and do. Once you’ve decided on the perfect Costa Rica tour for you, then, by all means, go ahead and make plans to be there in December get your copy today on Amazon or at your favorite digital bookshop today!

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