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This Is One Going To Zarcero Costa Rica

This Is One Going To Zarcero Costa Rica

Zarcero Costa Rica

Zarcero Costa Rica is a district located in the Central American State in the northern hills of San Ramon. It is a little town stunningly present in Alajuela Province’s Canton Zarcero. Zarcero is a town and farming area of the state with less than 5000 inhabitants. It is an agriculture and dairy area famous for its climate. Just one hour’s drive away from the Capital city, Zarcero park is the precedence of tourists wishing to visit a little, local town and civic. It is situated up in the mountains of the province Alajuela with landscapes of charming petite town, a beautiful church, and eccentric topiary gardens at its entrance.

The economy of Zarcero depends on farming mainly on the plantation of vegetables like chivalry, vine-ripened tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, carrots, and coffee. A large proportion of the economy depends on livestock, coffee production, and their produced foodstuffs like “Natilla Zarcero” (a production of this area and a form of sour cream). Other bread and pastry industries that are agriculture based along with tourism add to the economy of the county.

This brisk mountain microclimate makes it suitable for agriculture and to practice organic farming here. Local enterprises depend on products like cheese, distinguishing jams, and supplementary dairy products. It was formed by decree 27 on June 21, 1915. Whether you pass by this town Zarcero, stay twosome of nights here or just a day trip will help you know the actual connotations of a tour.

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Name origin:

In Spanish, Zarzamora means an abundance of thornless blackberry or elm leaf plants. In remembrance of a hero Juan Alfrazo Ruiz from the 1856 Filibuster War or National Campaign, Zarcero was named anciently “Alfaro Ruiz”. 


Cantarranas, Santa Teresita with neighborhood Barrios. Zarcero scenic District is located 27 km southwest of Ciudad Quesada, 50 km northwest of Alajuela (a provincial capital city), in the northern hills of San Ramon in the Central Mountain range (Cordillera Central) of Costa Rica.

Historical Population Evaluation:

In Spanish, Zarzamora means an abundance of thornless blackberry or elm leaf plants. In remembrance of a hero Juan Alfrazo Ruiz from the 1856 Filibuster War or National Campaign, Zarcero was named anciently “Alfaro Ruiz”.


Zarcero, by law, approved on July 24, 1918, was granted a label of “CIUDAD” (City). This region of Costa Rica has the lowest criminal record or crime rate.


Zarcero has 1,736 meters of elevation (high hills), and 11.72 kilometers square of the area surrounded. Landscapes, friendly locals, pure water creeks, natural attractions, and hiking trails are topographies of this area. You can see local farmers drinking coffee and chatting while families and kids hang out at the park on a morning trip to Zarcero.

Attractions in Zarcero Costa Rica

Two main attractions in Zarcero Alajuela are:

  • Iglesias de San Rafael
  • Parque Francisco Alvarado

Iglesia de San Rafael

Built-in 1895 known as the pink and blue church of Zarcero Costa Rica. The interior design is incredible and stunning. It is a gorgeous “hut-style” church, of Alajuela province in Costa Rica. It is famous for its sacred farfetched portraits made of pastel-tone chalk. As its material does not seem so. This church landscape is a painting of the Station of the Cross. Its unique construction material includes metal. The exterior looks like built with bricks but actually with metal sides. Columns look made of marble. Likewise, they painted so.

Misty Rainforest in Costa Rica, Central America

Parque Francisco Alvarado

At the center of town, this park presented just in front of the church. This wonderful and pleasing park is an exceptional dwelling in Costa Rica. It is notorious for its garden so-called Topiary Garden. Since the 1960s, this garden shaped and upheld by Evangelista Blanco. This lush green garden presents the texture of royalty with the church just behind it.

Shrubs in the park present the main attractive landscape as these have been trimmed into bizarre and fairly abstract silhouettes of diversified animals. In addition to Gaudi-style Arches, the topiaries of the garden include fairytales: lightbulbs, elephants, birds, etc.


Zarcero district in costa Rica is covered by two road routes for transportation amenities;

  • National Route 741
  • National Route 141

Zarcero Costa Rica

Visit Zarcero, one of the most outmoded hamlets in Costa Rica. Its valuable park Topiary presents an awesome opportunity to stride around it and explore nature’s exquisiteness, revolution, and intellectual locals. Zarcero an amiable and picturesque village in Costa Rica is fenced by coffee plantations. It is a small village area located northeast of Alajuela Province about 32 miles distance.

Considered the highest spot of Costa Rica’s Central Mountain Range with an elevation of 5577 feet overhead the sea level. An evergreen region of country Costa Rica, it enchantments tourists’ hearts with its charm and marvelous views. Its location makes it a green and blooming area. Its Park and all surrounding land remain evergreen because it is situated in the rainy region of Costa Rica.

Another considerable feature of this village is its peaceful, calm, and quiet landscape. It is exclusive in its true personality and character. Situated far from tourist centers and the crowded big cities of Costa Rica, it is the picturesque and relaxing village of Alajuela.

This town is the Capital city of Zarcero (Alfrazo Ruiz) canton and one of the most outstanding villages of Alajuela Province. Locating on edge of Central Valley, its elevation on San Jose Highlands makes it a unique and fascinating area. This elevation ensures a brisk mountain climate suitable for forming practices.

Local farmers feel honored to be an agriculturalist here and to harvest the fruit of their hard work. Zarcero is Famous for dairy products and farming. In outlying mountains, a lot of farms are planted. It is situated only 67 km far from San Jose, the capital city of the country. Anyone visiting Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna can take an exhalation here in Zarcero. It will ensure relaxation to its visitor through its comforting atmosphere and profligate rolling hills.

Excursions offered in Zarcero Alajuela

 Offering tourists an experience to watch local farming of Costa Rica, Zarcero is an incredible option here to avail. It is also a popular visiting spot among San Jose locals. Zarcero Alajuela is a little town where you get up and go in scarce minutes. Following are the main excursion points in Zarcero Costa Rica;

Poas Volcano National Park

Referred to as one of the major vigorous volcanoes of country Costa Rica, it is a favorite home-grown attraction of Alajuela province. Poas Looks down on a park’s 14,000 acres territory that is nestled with an absurd number of mysterious plants and animals.

This volcano with a height of 8,885 feet makes it a visitors’ must-see place. An ideal lure to tourists and the most remarkable site in all of Costa Rica because of its close juxtaposition to food restaurants and lodging.

Los Angeles Cloud Forest reserve

It is another attraction in this town Zarcero. Visitors can peacefully enjoy this park with its tranquil escape from hordes of populated areas. This Park is not frequently visited by tourists’ crowds being a fairly secluded private park. This reserve is located on land-dwelling that on one occasion belonged to earlier president Rodrigo Carazo. This Park offers enormous trails and a chance to perceive and deeply explore numerous diverse species of wildlife.

Iglesias de San Rafael

A stunning church Iglesias de San Rafael, both inside and outside has become the main attraction on Zarcero Alajuela. Those who escalate stunning milestones and landmarks must visit and see landmarks spread here. Flamboyant stained-glass windows, supple archways, and elegant religious paintings are worthy to see and appreciate. This Zarcero attraction was constructed in 1895 and features artwork with pastel stencil effort. This stunning artwork was done by local Costa Rican artist, Don Misael Solis Alvarado. The church offers a parking lot behind its building. If You have arrived by private car, park it here. Caretakers in church gross donations:

  • 500 colons as bathroom charges
  • 1000 to 2000 colons for parking

Parque Francisco Alvarado

At the front of the church just at the entrance Parque Francisco Alvarado is located. This Park is notorious for its curator and gardener Don Evangelista Blanco’s art. Don Evangelista Blanco was inspired to turn the expanse into an entertaining park by trimming plants, shrubs, and hedges to sculpted shapes. This artwork was done in 1964, turning usual hedges and shrubs into shapes and figures of thought-provoking abstract shapes, people, and, animals.

Don Evangelista Blanco after implanting seeds of cypress trees in the park, hung on 4 years until they had fully-fledged large sufficient to trim and cut them into beings he wanted to generate. Don Evangelista Blanco without any prior training in cypress sculpting, had created everything from a Christ carrying a cross, helicopters, elephants, and monkeys, to dinosaurs.

Visitors of the garden are ever amazed by shape-shifting Whimsical charisma, and expressions etched into some of the bushes. Locals and tourists both alike reimbursement attention to its striking 16 shrubbery arches’ succession. Its spick-and-span condition is still upheld by Don Evangelista Blanco and he can be effortlessly found here in Parque Francisco Alvarado decorating and curating hedges all over the garden.

Other excursions to do near Zarcero are:

  • Costa Rica Sky Adventure-Arenal Park
  • Pure Trek Canyoning
  • Wave expeditions
  • Rainforest Chocolate tour

Transportation to Zarcero

In Alajuela province, coca Cola bus terminal provides you an option to take a shuttle, bus, or van from San Jose Capital to Zarcero Costa Rica. The location of the bus terminal on the first bottling plant of Coca Cola brand in Costa Rica becomes a reason for its name.

Buses are the readily available option for transportation in Costa Rica. Getting to Zarcero, San Jose and other surrounding locations becomes easier by simply captivating a bus. However, the Taxi option is also here. Regularly scheduled terminals of buses in Zarcero also make a stop at other neighboring locations. Other than the local bus, private shuttle, and bus conveyance is a better option to avail that will get you to Zarcero with no adversity. Before ongoing your travel to your final terminus, you can be availed of lunchtime rest.

Guidelines for approaching Zarcero, Costa Rica:

  • Through bus: 

A bus is a direct one source to reach Zarcero. This will charge about 2 United States dollars (about 1200 colons) per adult ticket. This will take 1 and a half hours to reach Zarcero. Bus services are provided by a company known as Transportes Zarcero. Buses from this station leave from San Jose’s Cola Station at:

  1. 5:20 PM
  • 4:20 PM
  • 12:20 PM
  • 9:15 AM
  • Through driving:

Take a route from the international airport of San Jose, Santamaria, and leave on Route 141. Now, start driving to the north side. Go leisurely on Route 141, as on turning to this path, the boulevard gets curvaceous and breezy. You don’t require a 4wd or 4×4, as you drive a Sedan on your own while reaching Zarcero. You can get sick on the curvy and windy road of route 141, and drive slowly. And make certain you take anti-nausea remedies.

Accomodation at Zarcero Costa Rica

Those who wish to not only visit Zarcero but also stay there to deeply explore the locals and surroundings here, shouldn’t worry about accommodation. Tons of lodging options at Zarcero including hotels, vacation rentals, villas, and cabins. Those looking to pamper themselves along with a reservation should choose a spa-offering hotel at Zarcero. Excursions like horseback riding are also offered here by some specialty lodges.

Following are accommodations near Zarcero where you can stay during your trip:

  • El Silencio Lodge and Spa
  • Eco Arenal Hotel
  • Bosque de Paz 
  • Villas Jopek
  • Arenal Paraiso Resort and Thermo Mineral Hot Springs
  • Mountain Paradise Hotel

Foods served here: yummy local delights are various dairy products like sour cream (Natilla), cheese crackers, caramel candy (Cajetan), and queso Palmito. A famous and homemade product at Zarcero is queso Palmito (balls of cheese). Rancho de Ceci serves Costa Rican hearty breakfasts and lunches, along with hot chocolates. Don’t miss servings from this restaurant, while passing through Sarchi Area, Palmaris, or Grecia.


Zarcero Alajuela is a little captivating town in Costa Rica. It is known for its calm environment and artwork at the church and the topiary garden. Read this eBook “COSTA RICA FOR EXPATS” to enrich with details about that countryside. This ebook ensures you get all relevant information about this town, its culture, attractions, and many more. Buy this book now from Amazon Retailer or any of your favorite digital bookshops! 

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