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The Ultimate Costa Rican Swordfishing Experience: How to Target and Land These Elusive Game Fish

The Ultimate Costa Rican Swordfishing Experience: How to Target and Land These Elusive Game Fish

Swordfish, or broadbill, is a huge, predacious fish recognized by its long, flat bill. Swordfish is a highly prized game fish that belongs to the family Xiphiidae. They are often categorized with the billfish. The elusory sport fish is quite hard to find and catch and it is a pleasant surprise to land on them. Swordfish are found in tropical and temperate areas of the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic Oceans from the surface to the depth of 550 meters. Costa Rica is a tropical country that has gained tremendous popularity in the last few years. Along with incredible aquatic sports opportunities, it offers numerous fishing grounds to tourists and anglers. To the delight of sportfishing enthusiasts, various towns hold fishing tournaments now and then. There is plenty of swordfish residing in the warm, sultry water of Costa Rica, and on your lucky day, you may catch a few of those!


The name swordfish is derived from the fish’s elusive bill that resembles a sword. The bill not only helps them in swimming but also is very handy in capturing prey. The swordfish can typically reach over a length of 3 meters and can weigh about 650 kg. Their life span is at least 9 years and they reach maturity around the age of 4 to 5 years. Female swordfishes are larger than male ones. Swordfish are ectothermic species and they can conserve heat like marlins, sharks, and some tuna.

Dietary Habits and Predation:

Swordfish are elusive predators. They are nocturnal hunters and feed every day. During the night time, they swim up to the surface waters and prey on small fish. Adults mostly feed on pelagic fish like mackerel, barracudas, silver hake, rockfish, herring, lantern fish, demersal fish, scombrids, butterfish, bluefish, and sand lance as well as on squids and crustaceans. They slash and injure the larger fish with their sword-like bills while they swallow the smaller fish as a whole. In turn, swordfish are attacked by killer whales, sharks, and other marine mammals. Swordfish are often infected with parasites like tapeworms, roundworms, copepods, remora, or lampreys. They try to get rid of them by breaching and basking at the surface.


Swordfish like to live in water temperatures ranging from 18 to 22 centigrade. They prefer to live alone or in small groups rather than living in large packs.

Swordfish – Where and When to Find in Costa Rica:

Popular swordfish sportfishing spots in Costa Rica are Drake Bay and Golfito in the southern side, Quepos and Manuel Antonio in the Central Pacific Region, Guanamar, Flamingo in the north, Tamarindo, Osa Peninsula, Golfo Dulce, and many other places along the Pacific coast. Many charters arrange night fishing trips when swordfish are actively hunting for food. They can be found throughout the year.

Swordfish of Costa Rica:

About the fish:

It is one of the most amazing kinds of fish that are found in Costa Rica. They are elongated types of fishes with round bodies which tend to lose all of their scales and teeth in their adulthood. Their maximum size range from the size and length of 14 feet which is estimated to be 4.3 meters and they are weighted to be 540 kg which is 1190 pounds heavy. They are included in the type of Nocturnal. They are the reasons why night fishing becomes very common in Costa Rica among the group of anglers.

Places Where they are Present in Costa Rica:

They have high migratory pelagic species that are large in the size just like the tuna. They are one of the multiple species in the fishery longline that are targeting the very high margin. They are living in a very crucial and critical environment. Their importance in Costa Rica is very vast among the social and economic purposes. Interm of the Coastal livelihood. The term of the proceedings and the matter of the export industries involves.

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Swordfish, A dangerous fish:

Swordfish is a dangerous kind of fish according to some people. According to some of the report, they attacked different humans on different occasions. Luckily no death was cause in this incident. They are dangerous in the case when someone provokes them a lot. Or else they are not very dangerous fish there are some tricks and tips to catch them. The way they attack the Human is that when they are provoked they jump and then they dive the use their swords to target to ensure the attack.

Swordfish is the Fastest fish:

They are the best swordfish that you can find in Costa Rica. These fishes are well known for their namesake bills that can also reach up to 1.5 meters in length. The species that is named Xiphias Gladius is the fastest fish in the whole world. Scientists and researchers are now discovered that there are ways that push their selves and evolve in their speed to make their speed convert into the 100 km per hour speed.

Best taste of the Swordfish:

It is generally mild taste, that is white-fleshed fish with a kind of meaty texture. It is meant to be sold exclusively in the form of steak in many restaurants in Costa Rica. The particular mild taste is specific to taste and love by the choosy people some people are crazy about their love. Reddish areas have really strong flavors that can also be cut off to make them enhance their taste

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