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The Top 10 Things To Do In Costa Rica

The Top 10 Things To Do In Costa Rica


Costa Rica is a country in Central American country that is connected with South and Northern America. It also shares the border with Panama. The region is co sist of a wide range of microclimates.

The Caribbean coast is considered the Central part of America but not considered part of Costa Rica.


December is considered one of the most amazing times to travel in Costa Rica because you can enjoy a wide range of activities at that time but still, the best time depends on the packages and places you choose to visit. As some people don’t enjoy the dry season they love to visit greenery areas.

From mid-December to April the season is mostly dry. The sunshine is abundant during the season which makes jungle travel relaxed and calm, but this time is considered one of the costliest and busiest times to visit Costa Rica.


The rainy season, which ranges from May to November is considered one of the cheaper times to visit the land of Costa Rica. Sometimes there are just a few minutes to the rainy season. Sometimes it takes so many days for the rain to end. It is always remembered for any visitors to keep rain suits and clothes that are appropriate for the season to avoid any inconvenience. Always need to have a backup plan if you are planning to visit the beach season.

This is the most important benefit of Costa Rica it provides the experience of low people and cheap rates which is attractive to tourists.  Also, the travel is cheap and the price of the flight is approx half which is quite cost-effective if you are planning to visit your big family. October is an extensively rainy season so better to avoid visiting at that time.


Costa Rica is considered one of the countries in the world where tourists and visitors love to spend Their vacations due to the presence of their natural wonders which is aesthetic to watch and enjoy. There are a lot of famous and popular kinds of tourist attractions in the Costa Rica region.

Costa Rica was declared as heaven and paradise according to so many travelers and visitors. The country is full of beautiful scenes and has the complete package of nature in which there are rainforests, jungles, beautiful beaches and a clear waterfall includes.

Costa Rica is also called one of the best places which any traveling loved will never want to miss. There are a lot of companies and hotels that offer different packages for visitors to make your travel easy in the region by providing you with different language translators and also making every possible effort to make transportation easily accessible for others.

If you want to learn about the culture of Latin America you want to visit this place as there is a wide range of cheap and authentic cuisines present. Also, the local that is present there is quite inviting and friendly nature.

You can find everything of your interest in Costa Rica that included surfing, hiking, swimming, exploring the different jungles, and watching the rare species of animals, birds, and marine animals. To learn about the wonders of Costa Rica you have to keep reading the article.


There are fewer countries and regions in the world that reflect the beauty and attraction of nature and Costa Rica includes in one of them. The country was considered as one of the most adaptive eco-friendly tourism of all time. Which is included with the 19700 square miles and has a total of 25 % of the area that is devoted to the development of the future. In terms of environmental sustainability, it is ranked as one of the best countries in the world. It become the country America to ban hunting which makes their rare species and animal life more sustainable. And nature’s beauty remains safe and secures through this.

It is very difficult to decide where you have to start if you planning to visit Costa Rica. Because there is a wide range of places there is a total of 26 National parks present in Costa Rica where all the wildlife is reserved with the proper systematic approach. The place Is perfect for outdoor activities, wildlife, and nature.


Costa Rica is considered as a natural paradise and an amazing travel destination for everyone the list of activities, and places are too big that anyone can choose the travel package according to their respective and still there are a lot of places left to visit. Here is the list of the top most activities to be done in Costa Rica especially if you visit it for the first time.

1- Visit the exhibit of wildlife:

There is a range of animals, insects, birds, and reptiles in Costa Rica and no one want to miss them while their traveling. The flora and fauna beauty of the country is another beautiful attraction of Costa Rica that no one wants to miss.

There is a wide range of garden and park where you find these species in large number, the palace themself are very attractive and mesmerizing to watch and no one want to miss them. Laz Paz Waterfall Garden nature park which is located in one of the famous regions of San Jose has a span of over 100 species and is spread over 70 acres area of Costa Rica. It has a lot of different activities to do which no one wants to miss out on. These activities include petting different zoo animals, serpentarium, and jungle cats that are exhibited with the pumas, jaguars, and ocelots. For exhibit is the Ranarium and also the observatory of the butterflies.

Gandoca MANZANILLO national wildlife is another attractive location where you can find out wetlands, beaches, rainforests, etc. You can find a diverse range of turtles, unusual birds, monkeys, and donkeys in the region.

There is a wide range of wildlife refuges that you can visit in Costa Rica where you can find out the preserve of the outdoor center of Club Rio on the Northern Side of the Zone that is present near Monterrey. In the northern Zone area, Protector Asus is present near the Javillos area.

2- Go for the hiking activity in the Dry and rainy forest of Costa Rica:

The rainforest and the dry forest are one of the most famous habitats of Costa Rica in which you will find the beauty of nature. The rainy deforest looks green and beautiful in the same season in the dry season which starts in December this forest becomes dry forest and shows the other side of the beauty of nature.

3- Explore different volcanos of Costa Rica:

You are amazed to learn about what Costa Rica offered. There is a wide range of volcanoes present in the region of quota Rica.  There is a wide range of volcano which has different ability of attractions among tourists. Rincon de la Vieja Volcano and IRAs are included in one of the most volcanoes in the region.

4- Go Canyoning:

You can experience a time full of adventure when rappelling down from the amazing view of the waterfall. There are some of the kit places in Costa Rica that offer you this which are Aerenal, Antonio, and Monteverdi.

They are offered on the tour by one of the most highly recommended hotels and companies and are for er loved by the people of Costa Rica and tourists as well.

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5- Explore different caves:

If you don’t have a phobia and you want and love to visit the tunnels and caves Costa Rica provided you with a wide range for this. These caves are one free thing that can explore in the region of Costa Rica. Vendo cave which is located near the Northern region has a beautiful cave that is appropriately a 20 million years old cave. You can also experience different sculptured chambers that are millions of years old. The caves of Costa Rica are different unique and amazing to watch there is a list of other caves in the region that includes. Terciopelo cave is present in the national park of the Barra Hona in the Nicoya Peninsula. The other most famous one is in the Central Pacific area in the Ventanas Beach cave located near the region of the Ojachal.

6- Cloud forest Exploration of Costa Rica:

There is a wide range of the roesesenfe of different cloud forests in Costa Rica in which the Chirripo National park is located near San Gerardo de Rivas and is present near the inland of the Southern region of Costa Rica. Lazpaz waterfall Garden is present near the valley of the central region and located near the Cars Blanca and Poasito of the region. Bajo Del Tiger is located in the Northern Zone of the region and is present near the Santa Elena and Monteverdi area.

7- View from the top of the Bridge of Costa Rica:

There are different activities in which one of them is top of the view of Costa Rica in case you don’t mind the height this is the world’s best experience for you. Treetop walkways present in the Selvatura park is one of the most famous attractions of the top bridges of Costa Rica located near Monteverdi, Mistivon Aerenal bridge is located in the Lago Arenal and is present in the Northern Zone of the region.

Sky adventure park which is Monteverdi located in the area of Monteverdi is another most beautiful attraction of all time in Costa Rica.

8- Ziplining in Costa Rica:

It is another most amazing experiences you ever had while visiting int he Costa Rica. Congo Trial Located near the region of the Guanacaste in the Potrero and Matapolo region, the Dianamite area where zip lining is an amazing experience to enjoy is the most attractive place for Ziplining in Costa Rica and people love to Ziplining in Costa Rica due to the different and unique spots and the unique locations. There is a huge list of place where you can do Ziplining in Costa Rica and this huge range help you a lot in getting flexible in your plans.

zip lininnig in Costa Rica

9- Exploring national parks:

Manuel Antonio National park is the national park of the region of Costa Rica which you can easily. There is a wide range of the blue Pacific, sand beaches, and different kinds of the presence of the specify in which money, marmoset and also the pacas include also there is the huge list of 200 different birds in the list.

There are different best hiking destinations of Costa Rica which cars national park includes the is the part of the Central Pacific region that is found near Tarclolos and Jaco, they are must visit for the region of Costa Rica.

10- Explore the rainforest and park:

There is also the presence of the beautiful rainforest and the waterfall that consists of 37 meters down from the cliff of the rock which is the whole definition of how beautiful nature is.

Aerenak Natural Ecological park is another beautiful attraction that is present in the North Central Area of Lake Arenal the height of the place is approx 1633 meters. In this region, you can find out the active volcanoes that are most likely to occur in the year 1968. Luckily the volcano has not erupted since the year of 2010. There is the presence of the largest lake in the park as well. You can experience zipping, rainbow bass fishing, and also windsurfing, and swimming.

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