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The Best Restaurants In Costa Rica

The Best Restaurants In Costa Rica


There are so many amazing restaurants in Costa Rica. The beautiful country is known for its tropical climate and culture, but it also has some of the best food on earth. Read on to learn more about some of the most popular places to eat while you’re in the country.

Phoenix Restaurant:

Rated as one of the best restaurants by more than 1000 people on the internet. Food, service, and Value each thing are counted as best reviewed when talking about Phoenix Restaurant. Talking about the food and ambiance the Pizza and Jalapeno beef is something extra special and you can never go wrong with them. It is located in the Latin Bar Pub, International Costa Rica on the Central American Side where they offer romantic scenery views for special locations or large groups of people. People reviewed them best when talking about the food, services, ambiance, and view of the restaurant.

There is a special note for the special precautions in Covid which you need to follow if you are planning to ahead to visit the restaurant. There are high restrictions on face masks for staff and people who visit. Hand sanitizer is always available for the staff and the guests. Daily symptoms and temperature checking for the staff. The dining is designed to well distanced to make sure the safety of the customers

El Jardín restaurant:

El Jardín restaurant is located in Manuel Antonio and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s a gourmet restaurant with a good wine selection. The service is great, and the setting is beautiful.

The food here is excellent. They have some traditional Costa Rican dishes like Gallo pinto (rice & beans), Casado (rice with beans or lentils, plantains, and salad). Still, they also have other options like burgers, spaghetti bolognese, or grilled pork chops if you don’t feel like eating rice or beans all the time.

Cala Luna Restaurant:

Located in Puerto Viejo, Cala Luna Restaurant offers reasonably priced fresh seafood. The menu features the best of Caribbean cuisine, including lobster tails and fried conch. It’s a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, so make reservations in advance if you want to avoid a long wait time.

They ensure the provision of the best authentic and regional well-cooked food that is been loved from generation to generation. They make sure to provide every possible way to make your food time the most enjoyable one. They are offering the best, special, and unique menu, bar, specials, and takeaways service as well. Their opening timings are from 5-9 pm. They are open from day Tuesday to Sunday and they are always closed on Monday. You can also book your table in advance.

Restaurant 1887:

If you’re looking for an elegant restaurant to enjoy a romantic dinner, 1887 is the place for you. Located in San José, the restaurant has a 5-course menu that changes daily. It’s considered one of the most expensive restaurants in Costa Rica and popular with tourists.

It provides extraordinary delicious cuisine with a stunning location and special dining services.

La Casona del Cafetal:

La Casona del Cafetal is a popular restaurant that locals and tourists alike flock to. It has a great atmosphere, fantastic food, and excellent service. Providing us with the best services in the form of no reservations, great rates, Availability of Taxis for the airport, twenty-four-hour car rental services for their customers and so many other special offers to deal with. They are also offering special services for customer help in your language. Provide every kind of budget for luxury to deluxe which you can avail of through well-trusted travel partners with 100% real ratings and reviews with special rate offers and payments that are highly secured.

The ambiance of the restaurant is highly peaceful with a well-designed gorgeous-looking botanical garden. It is the best place to look at when you are talking about the best, most peaceful, and quiet place which provides you the experience of stress-free and calm nature  

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The restaurant’s menu includes traditional Costa Rican dishes and international favorites, such as chicken fajitas, empanadas, pizza, quesadillas, and more. If you find yourself in San Ramon with the hunger pangs of a carnivore or vegetarian, then La Casona del Cafetal should be at the top of your list when looking for somewhere to eat.

Le Papillon:

Le Papillon is a French restaurant in San Jose, Costa Rica. The food here is amazing, and the service is impeccable. The atmosphere is romantic and perfect for a date night. The prices are reasonable given the quality of food you get here.

The restaurant has a great view of the city, but it’s also located on top of a hill, so you’ll have to drive up there (unless you want to walk up 1 kilometer). This can be challenging because parking spaces are limited, but once you’re inside and seated at your table with an excellent bottle of wine, all will be forgotten as soon as your first bite hits your tongue.


You may have a hard time finding the best restaurants in Costa Rica. That’s because they’re everywhere, and they all have their specialties. Like no one goes to New York City just to see the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty, you should avoid playing tourist and stick to known spots in your search for a culinary delight.

If a place looks interesting, go inside and try some food. You might find something incredible that should have been added to your radar. Instead, be open-minded and flexible regarding where you eat, who you go with, and what you order.


We hope that you have found the information in this article useful. We know it can be difficult to choose which restaurant to go to, so we tried our best to help you out. If any of these places sound like something that would interest you, then look at the details we provided and see what stands out for you.

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