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Discovering The Best Of Costa Rican Furniture For Everyone In 2023

Discovering The Best Of Costa Rican Furniture For Everyone In 2023

Discovering The Best Of Costa Rican Furniture For Everyone In 2023

When migrating to a different country, one of the most difficult obstacles you could face is finding stores that provide the products you need. Living far away from San Jose, which is where the majority of the shopping is, may make things particularly difficult in Costa Rica. Because of this, you will need to find new furniture, carpets, lights, decorations, and other such things. This page will provide a list of furniture and home décor shops that we have come across up to this point in our research.


Furniture in Costa Rica

The following are favorite shops that sell home décor in Costa Rica and the surrounding area. This is only one of many choices available; nonetheless, it is a fantastic location to begin exploring your possibilities. We provide a summary of the products that may be found at each retail establishment. Many retail establishments now operate their e-commerce websites and provide customers with the option of in-store pickup or delivery.

When you reside in a remote area, one of your best options is to do your shopping online. The fact that you can often request that retailers in Costa Rica email you more images of an item is a wonderful perk of shopping there. A growing number of businesses now provide customers with the opportunity to communicate with a representative through WhatsApp. You may use this to get further photographs of the chair, rug, lamp, etc., that you are interested in purchasing.

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Altea Design Furniture

One of the best in business is Altea Design. It is a shop that sells high-end furniture and home furnishings at reasonable pricing. Decorated in a largely contemporary or modern style. You will be able to locate items such as couches, seats, dining tables, coffee and other occasion tables, bed frames, bookcases, lamps, carpets, mirrors, and decorative pillows here. In addition to that, it includes various minor items for the house, such as picture frames and ornamental things. There is a significant amount of KARE furniture here.

It is in your best attention to follow Altea Design’s Facebook page since they have extremely nice deals. They operate several stores in and around San Jose, as well as in Tamarindo.

Monnry furniture

The large home goods retailer Monnry is located in Escazu, and it spans four levels. They provide a wide variety of carpets, lamps, and decorative cushions in about any hue imaginable, along with a plethora of other alternatives. In addition, there are wall art pieces, ceiling fans, spaces, coffee tables, side tables, smaller decorative objects, candles, and bedding. Only a few options are available for dining room furnishings. The prices are fairly reasonable in town.

Crate and Barrel

On Avenida Escazu, a Crate & Barrel store was just opened. Because they provide many of the same products as Crate & Barrel in North America does, it is simple to locate reviews of their goods on the internet.

The retail establishment spans two stories. On the first level, you’ll find most products for the kitchen, such as plates, bowls, and glasses, as well as barware, kitchen wares, and smaller pieces of décor, such as candles and decorations. The majority of the furnishings are located upstairs (dream beds, couches, coffee tables, chairs, etc.). The prices are reasonable and are pretty close to those found in the US shop.

Sarchi furniture

Have you ever considered purchasing some authentic timeless and contemporary furniture from furniture stores? What about furniture such as a dining table made of hardwood, rocking chairs (also known as meteors), divans, and nightstands? After that, you must go to the city of Sarchi. You are in for a pleasant surprise because of the high excellence of the furnishings that are offered for sale there.

The artisans of Fine Furniture of Costa Rica manufacture handcrafted furniture of the highest superiority in furniture stores. Handmade by skilled local artisans. We provide a one-of-a-kind collection of eminence bespoke furniture, bedroom furniture, and cabinets, each of which is created by expert artisans from Costa Rica. They can make bespoke kitchen cabinets as well as excellent furniture that is one of a kind.

On the main street, there is a wonderful assortment of Sarchi contemporary furniture shops from which to choose, and all of them sell items at rates that are extremely affordable. In addition, if you bring in the design, the majority of businesses will create custom-designed furniture for you to purchase.

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Cemaco is a major home shop that offers a wide variety of needs for the bedroom, bathroom, Ashley furniture, and kitchen. It is an excellent site to purchase cookware, flatware, knife sets, rugs, plate sets, service ware, small appliances, and even vacuum cleaners of high value. Cemaco has a variety of well-known brand names, including Cuisinart, Kitchen Aid, Hamilton Beach, Haus, Pyrex, and Corona, in addition to some excellent European brands. In addition to Rohrmoser and Zapote, Cemaco also has a facility in Alajuela (City Mall.


La artistica

The custom made furniture of local craftsmen in La Artistica is of the highest worth. Excellent assortment, mostly comprised of pieces for living rooms and bedrooms (including mattresses). The style is more contemporary, characterized by simple lines décor and a predominance of black. The prices range widely. The majority of the couch sets cost three thousand dollars or more, although the occasional tables, rugs, desks, comfortable couches, wide selection for décor, and bookcases are somewhat cheaper for décor. This brand may be found in Liberia wood stores, as well as Rohrmoser and Curridabat.

Casa Nova

The exceptional furniture, blanket, accessories, carpets, and artwork on display at Casa Nova are sourced from throughout the globe, and the company takes great pride in this fact. Our manufacturers are representatives of some of the most respected firms in the industry, including those that are famous for their superior excellence and skilled workmanship. They are the ones who establish the trends and innovate with new technologies and designs, and they are the ones who break the mold.

At Casa Nova, we strive to make the process of purchasing new furniture as pleasurable and time-saving for you as is humanly possible. We are dedicated to giving you access to the most useful materials that are currently accessible. Casa Nova is a family-owned company to expand while maintaining the highest possible standards for both family and business. The single most important factor in successfully running a company.


Akiro was founded by two brothers who had the vision of opening a furniture business in which they could provide Costa Ricans with high-superiority furniture that was up to date visit with the most recent design trends. Akiro has been operating in the industry for more than 25 years at this point; the company is distinguished by the wide range of items it offers, as well as by promotions, extremely affordable rates, and ease of access for the general public visit. Akiro is more than just a furniture store; they provide cutting-edge ideas with a one-of-a-kind aesthetic for your home or place of business.

Jadher design

Muebleria Jadher is a Costa Rican corporation that has been operating efficaciously visit in the market for more than 20 years. We are a Costa Rica-based company that specializes in the design, engineering, and installation of various kinds of wooden furniture, including but not limited to kitchens, closets, bathrooms, and offices. Our service is nimble and uncomplicated, yet it gets the job done.

Our differentiation comes from having first-class standards, providing service that is attentive and courteous, being responsible, and having faith in one another. Because we give each project the individualized and undivided attention it deserves, we can generate great outcomes from every one of our endeavors.

They have been able to differentiate themselves from the competition by using 3D design technologies, as well as conducting project new home website previews using models that are both realistic and highly reliable. This has resulted in an increase in their market share as well as closer proximity to their customer’s contact.

Due to the completion of difficult projects all around Costa Rica, borders have been opened for employment opportunities in Panama, Nicaragua, and Colombia. Both on a global scale and on an individual basis.


A massive department store that can be found in malls all around San Jose is called Siman. They feature a large selection of furniture, quilt, pillows, towels, curtains, mirrors, and other items that may be used as home décor. The worth isn’t always consistent, but there are some very great items to be discovered there. Siman has stores that carry a visit to the Multiplaza shopping centers in Escazu and Curridabat, in addition, to having contact with the City Mall in Alajuela.


Aliss is a huge retail establishment that specializes in home design and also sells apparel, toys, baby gear, and a variety of other products. Dishes, glasses, food storage containers, cooking utensils, and basic cookware are some of the smaller items that may be found in the homewares department of the store. It is an excellent spot for kitchen towels and tablecloths to be stored. Also includes a large quantity of bedding, towels, and basics for the bathroom.

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In the Escazu shop, affordable decorations, simple furniture, and wall art make up around one-fourth of the space. Although the quality isn’t quite as high, this is an excellent choice, and search for inexpensive items or when you just need something basic. Some individuals have compared Aliss to the furniture store Ikea. Around San Jose, Aliss may be found in a dozen different spots.

Royal Palm interiors

At Royal Palm Interiors, you’ll discover an extraordinary world filled with high-quality furnishings, upholstered items, lighting, fabrics, presents, and accessories for your home that are one-of-a-kind in Canada. These are items that have a touch of the tropics about them, are stylishly designed, and have reasonable charges. They are certain that you will like their products because of their impeccable taste and independent personality.

The Bamboo Sheets and Towels that have become their trademark may be found at the Bed and Bath Boutique with free mail amenities. We also provide a range of hotel-class linen, including towels, mats, and robes for the bathroom, as well as sheet sets, pillows, duvets, bed wraps, and beautiful pillow-top mattresses of the highest quality hotel grade with a warranty like in Canada. Even the most difficult-to-locate pillow and mattress protectors may be purchased at Royal Palm.

For your new house or remodeling project, Royal Palm offers a comprehensive assortment of fans and lighting; moreover, the store has a wide range of table and floor lighter priced to accommodate a range of price points.

Bali furniture

The Bali Home Center is the place to go if you are seeking things to put outside your home. They have a large variety of patio sets, loungers, swing chairs, umbrellas, and even decks, Jacuzzis, barbecues, and pizza ovens among their inventory offerings. In addition, Bali Home has an interior range that includes contemporary-styled furniture, bed frames, coffee tables, and so on.

It’s one of the few stores in Costa Rica that we’ve come across that sells furniture designed specifically for children and adolescents. Both in Santa Ana and Liberia, the Bali Home Center can be found just off Highway 27.

El Bodegon de Asia furniture

The original El Bodegon de Asia shop is located just to the north of Jaco, but the company has now opened a second store in Escazu. At El Bodegon, the furnishings and interior design are influenced by Balinese culture. An abundance of rattan as well as furniture crafted from natural fibers, items crafted from salvaged wood, and one-of-a-kind lamps, vases, and other decorative accents. They also have a large quantity of reasonably priced wall art in a variety of styles.

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