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Hotels And Restaurants In Santa Teresa

Hotels And Restaurants In Santa Teresa

Hotels And Restaurants In Santa Teresa


A small beach town, Santa Teresa located on Costa Rica’s Pacific coastline, in the Nicoya Peninsula sited in the province of Puntarenas. From the capital city of the country, San Jose it is 93 miles (about 150 kilometers) west-placed. Tambor airport’s regular flights provide air travel amenities to San Jose. Santa Teresa started as a far-flung fishing township and now is nestled with a laid-back atmosphere, lush jungle surroundings, and beautiful beaches all around.

Travelers seeking a place with an exact depiction of the Pura Vida lifestyle should visit this popular destination of Costa Rica. Other than small-scale fishing, cattle ranching, and agriculture, tourism is the main economic source of town hosts, families, budget and luxury accommodation hosts, yoga retreats, and surf camps’ avail. From Europe, Israel, Canada, the USA, and other Latin American countries, visitors other than local Costa Rican visit this beach town of Santa Teresa.

Surf lessons in Santa Teresa:

Santa Teresa is a world-class surfing spot in Costa Rica. This feature attracts and fascinates surfers from all over the world. Santa Teresa offers a broken assortment for all potentials and skill levels. Both beginners and experts have something to do in Santa Teresa. There are numerous training schools offering rentals and surf lessons to beginners. Without an age limit, these surf camps provide you with surfing lessons and many other physical pieces of training. Also, plenty of surf camps in Santa Teresa provide experts with opportunities to catch marathon waves and polish their skills. 

Beach town Santa Teresa:

Santa Teresa’s features don’t restrict to surfing, rather this town is home to the most attractive beaches of country Costa Rica. One of the main beaches in Santa Teresa is Playa Carmen, well known for offering a great spot for swimming, people-watching, and sunbathing. Move to Playa Miguel, Playa Hermosa, or Playa Jaco, for a more secluded swimming experience. These beaches are out of Santa Teresa and a little bit further situated to playa Carmen. Playa Hermosa is the perfect beach for beginners to learn surfing, swimming, and other water activities. A lot of beaches on Pacific coastlines are known for turquoise waters, and lenient white sand. These coastline beaches are perfect spots for relaxing, taking in spectacular views, and drenching up the sun.  

Santa Teresa Nightlife:

Santa Teresa’s nightlife and dining are memorable. Nightlife here offers something for all ages to do and enjoy. This beach town is famous for its delightful seafood and tons of restaurants serving up a taste of life and catches of the day. There are abundant international food options, with Thai Cuisine, Mexican, and Italian including veg and non-veg varieties.

 To make your nightlife colorful, lively, and relishing, a variety of clubs and bars are here. Head to such town places to enjoy DJ sets or live music and dance to their tunes. Disco Bar la Brosy crowded with locals and tourists alike allows you to feel high and to mingle. Visit this budget-friendly bar to enjoy drinks and music concerts.

Things to do in Santa Teresa:

Thrill seekers also have a variety of options to make themself busy and amused by such adventures. Activities like a wildlife sanctuary, jungle hikes, and ecotourism at Santa Teresa will sure you exploration and adventure. Santa Teresa is a beach town, surrounded by lush green rainforests all around. 

This town presents several opportunities for ziplining through the canopy, hiking, and biking on mountain elevations, horseback riding, scuba diving, ATV tours, and surfing. A nature reserve nearby to town is household to varied diversity of wildlife including exotic birds, sloths, and monkeys. 

You can visit this reserve named Cabo Blanco Absolute nature reserve to experience nature here.

Arenal volcano national park is one of the best places to visit in Costa Rica. It is the best spot near Tabacon hot springs. Costa Rica country and many beautiful views and the best resorts to spend time in. Kalambu hot springs is one of the best locations.

Beachfront Accommodations in Santa Teresa:

Santa Teresa with a range of accommodation options that will suit every preference and budget. This beach town assures your stay feels at home with all amenities available on hand. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere of Santa Teresa will make you more worthy.

 You can choose from plenty of extravagant hotels and restaurants in Santa Teresa for an extraordinary upscale practice of accommodation. There is also a range of bungalows, beachfront hotels, and guesthouses for a more phlegmatic accommodation vibe. Hotels assort from 55 dollars to 345 dollars in this town.

Costa Rica, Central America

 Santa Teresa seven-day trip costs:

  • 4-membered family costs 5,650 dollars
  • A couple of costs with an average of 3,014 dollars
  • For a Solo, traveler average price is 1,678 Dollars

Guide before planning a trip to Santa Teresa:

Following are some precautions that you should know well before planning a Santa Teresa trip. These things to keep in mind and retain are: The tropical climate of this beach town keeps on fluctuating all year. The best time to visit Santa Teresa Costa Rica in its dry season is from the last week of December to the first week of April. As the sun can be relatively strong in the dry season, it’s a good awareness to carry plenty of sunscreen along with you. You can expect possibly uneven surf lessons, and heavy rainfall during the wet season (May through November). Last but not least is that ever remain alert to home-grown wildlife, which includes spiders and venomous snakes (about 137 total and 22 venomous snack species exist in Costa Rica). This precaution should be taken into interpretation as Costa Rica accounts for five hundred snack bites each year.

The animal rescue center is also available to secure animals. Beautiful mountain views have many wild animals as well. But stunning views with fresh air keep the travelers fresh and active.

List of hotels in Santa Teresa:

Fuego Lodge
Hotel Tropico Latino
Horizon Hotel and Yoga Center
Playa Cielo
House of Somos
Hotel Nantipa – A Tico Beach Experience
Makanas Beach Bungalows
Manala Hotel
Hotel Buenos Aires
Blue Surf Sanctuary
Hostel La Posada
Santa Teresa Surf Vista Villas
Ohana Villas
Dreamcatcher Hotel
Funky Monkey Lodge
Ranchos Itauna
Vista del Alma
Lua Villas
Cocobolo Guesthouse
Hotel Santa Teresa
Casa Cecilia
Eco Chic Hotel Canaima Chill House
AKIH Pods Hostel
Pura Vida Mini Hostel Santa Teresa
Banana Beach Hotel
Casa de la Luna
Beach Cabinas
Casa Zen Guest House & Yoga Center
Villas Argan
Arenal Observatory lodge

There are many other popular hotels and you can choose from a variety of the best hotels and resorts. The Arenal Volcano area is the best to enjoy volcanic hot springs. Panoramic views give the best vibes on special occasions.
There are many famous hotels in Alajuela province. Hotels and restaurants are situated in Paradise. You will love gardens and beaches.
Beautiful resorts are available at Arenal lake. You would love to visit Fortuna waterfall or La Fortuna waterfall.

Costa Rica restaurants

The best restaurants in Costa Rica can be found near beaches or forests. Few restaurants are surrounding the rainforest.

Restaurants in Costa Rica serve the best food. You can order local and international food here. Some restaurants in costa Rica offer free breakfast.

Restaurants in Costa Rica have received great reviews from ex-pats. Coffee is second to none. Ceviche is one of the famous known dishes in Costa Rica.

Few restaurants only offer lunch and dinner. Grilled octopus and other fresh food items are offered. A variety of menus is offered to eat different things. Guests can sit and enjoy the meal while having a proper meeting.

A fresh and gluten-free meal is offered.

All these restaurants and hotels are easily accessible from San José. Gallo Rojo is another example.


All in all, Santa Teresa a beach town is a laid-back, delightful, and pleasant destination. It can make your trip worthwhile by offering something for all ages and tastes. In this beautiful corner of the country, you can find adequate ways to enjoy pure life here. Santa Teresa Costa Rica is a great choice and destination to explore nature and wildlife in its rainforests, relax on its beaches, and adore surfing and other water excursions.  Read the eBook “Costa Rica for Expats” to enhance and dive more deeply into this info. Detailed information about nature, culture, and hidden features of Santa Teresa Costa Rica. Shop this eBook now from Amazon or any of your favorite digital bookshops

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