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Health pass QR code Costa Rica

Health pass QR code Costa Rica

Costa Rica health pass

Costa Rica travel health pass QR code is a card given to those vaccinated people against COVID-19. The card has mentioned the status, manufacturer name, medical name of the vaccine, verified QR code, and dates of incubation.

The Pase de Salud is an electronic health pass for travelers from Costa Rica. It is simply a form filled out with basic info mandatory for travel insurance like policy number, flight information, passport, health, and contact number. An electronic health pass or QR code is a square-shaped camo pattern of black and white colors having a health pass to enter Costa Rica.

Let’s have a detailed look at the procedure needed for such a document;

Assistance for health pass travel insurance

Each Costa Rican traveler must fill out the form with a guardian or parent along with a separate form for each child under eighteen.

The visitor must finish this form 3 days or less before the arrival date at the MINISTRY OF HEALTH website. Officially fill country pass is filed out 72 hours before the flight. rather, 96 hours are better as the program uses 3 days to make form.

The form info is QR coded with a 2D barcode giving an ease to scan immigration, security, customs, and airlines from history. The date and time format is according to the time zone of central America which is DD/MM/YY.

It is proven that a QR code is a health pass form with vaccination status necessary for businesses. Although carry physical and printed vaccine cards while visiting hotels, restaurants, and tours. As QR code doesn’t work ever in the country.

Conditions for Costa Rica health pass:

It is crucial to purchase tourists’ travel insurance, medical expenses for COVID-19, and accommodation for Quarantine. An international health pass is a certificate in Spanish or English with these conditions:

  • Applicant tourists name
  • Guarantee of recovery from COVID-19 pandemic disease with medical expenses of 50,000 dollars in the USA.
  • Validity of policy number and its effectiveness while you visit Costa Rica.
  • For extended accommodation expenses are a minimum of 2,000 dollars for Quarantine. Or you can purchase authorized insurance provided by SAGICOR or GRUPO INS’s local health insurance.

Certify to ensure that you don’t have a loss of taste or smell, sore throat, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, cough, or fever to avoid and pass the thermal scanning test.

Finally, ensure for informational purposes that you don’t have visited a health facility with COVID-19 patients in the last fourteen days.

Now there are 2 possible pathways for a health pass official or international from GRUPO INS (national insurance institute) or SAGICOR where you enter the policy number of Costa Rica to purchase a Costa Rica health pass.

After then upload a snap showing the timespan and coverage on the international vigor insurance website. MINISTRY of wellbeing either rejects or approves your health passport officially.

In case of failure to fulfill virus regulations or for providing wrong info, forfeits are from 750 Dollars-4,000 Dollars (450,200-2,300,00 colones).

Health insurance Necessities for unvaccinated travelers to enter Costa Rica:

For unvaccinated travelers, tourists’ visa is reduced from 90 days to days proven on an insurance vigor passport. It is time-consuming and difficult to extend visas. You have to buy a longer insurance policy in such a case.

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Wellbeing complete pass for unvaccinated visitors in COVID-19 is 50,000 dollars. 2,000 $ for a stay in lodging and 20,000 dollars for medical expenses.

Available options are:

  • Work vigor or personal insurance
  • International vigor insurance: it is reported to work by many visitors issued by the cheapest and most popular source TRAWICK.
  • Official vigor insurance of Costa Rica by Sagicor or INS of Costa Rica.
  • Official vigor access is at once. But, personal and international insurance required travel needs approval by the Ministry of health.
  • 2 week visit to Costa Rica requires 1,000 dollars monopoly price for official entry. While coverage for a nine-day tour costs 30 to 50 dollars per person.

Print QR code/form:

It’s not mandatory to print the form. You can display the form from the cell. But caution is needed. You must print out the form before arrival to avoid cellular data roaming at the airport. as the possibility of WIFI interruption is here. So, a hard copy print of the form is best for backup of the visa.


From 1 April 2022, all travel restrictions and Covid 19 related entry limitations have been abolished. As the country’s Govt has announced for travelers to the country:

  • QR codes are not needed anymore.
  • Official or international travel insurances are no more needed.
  • “PASE DE SALUD” or an electronic health pass is not required anymore.
  • Vaccination is not mandatory anymore.
  • No medical checkup or testing is needed.

What you need to know about Costa Rica travel restrictions in 2023
What you need to know about Costa Rica travel restrictions in 2023

How to generate one health pass QR code?

  1. Visit the official website and submit a yes to the asked query.
  2. Pass your last name and transaction number and click on the search button.
  3. You will access your E-HDC info, now check answered and unfilled boxes. These boxes are of:
  4. Flight information, Comorbidities, bed no, Clinical info, COVID-19 exposure history, and countries visited for 30n days.
  5. Click Agree. Now print it or snap to get past it and/or return the ticket for Costa Rica. Return Ticket for Costa Rica is available easily now.


An electronic health pass for Costa Rica is a paper of required travel insurance necessary to return a ticket. COVID-related entry requirements are illustrated in detail. Citizen tourists and their scheduled arrival are ensured by the assistance of vaccines.

To obtain and complete it, present residents of a country with a visa and proof of Costa Rican tourist electronic health pass. Costa Rica travel without travel restrictions is ensured by just PASE de Salud. Travelers wishing to Enter Costa Rica with complete entry proof need vaccination. Vaccination needed documents are to fill the contact box and arrival date in the country. Obtain tourist vaccination, and complete your entry officially.

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