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Discover The Best Of Los Suenos Marina And Resort For Costa Rica For The Year 2023

Discover The Best Of Los Suenos Marina And Resort For Costa Rica For The Year 2023

Discover The Best Of Los Suenos Marina And Resort For Costa Rica For The Year 2023

Marina and Resort are located on sublime Herradura Bay on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. It is a large, approximately 1,100 acres, waterfront resort amidst azure oceanic water, pristine beaches, and exotic tropical jungles of Al Fresco. spectacular views with traditional flavors are experienced here for over fifteen years.

The land includes a paradisiacal private jungle reserve of 600 acres which is alive with brightly colored flowers and herbs, towering trees and intense fauna such as quaint toucans, scarlet macaws, playful howler monkeys, three-toed sloths, iguanas, squirrels, and the list goes on.

The resort includes a five-star Marriott Hotel among all of its luxury amenities which features 201 tastefully appointed, luxurious rooms that overlook the beautiful Herradura bay. Furthermore, the marina is located near Jaco Beach, and just a short drive away from other sightseeing areas and adventure places in Herradura Costa Rica.

Whether you are looking for a quiet respite, a romantic getaway, adrenaline-rushing adventures, or a fun-filled family vacation, at Los Suenos Marina and Resort you will experience a lavish, comfortable, and most enjoyable holiday at beautiful Herradura bay.

Los Suenos Resort and Village:

Los Suenos Resort and Marina sprawling over 1,100-acre land. The private land is immaculately polished and encompasses a five-star hotel called Marriott Hotel with 201 deluxe rooms, about 500 posh residences near dry storage spaces, many exclusive splendid villas, posh single-family houses, and neat condos.

It also includes an internationally acclaimed marina with various sophisticated facilities, and a superb 2 acre Beach Club featuring a Jacuzzi, a massive swimming pool, a swim-up poolside bar, and an elevated silvery beach with palapas shades that necessary permits and stunning panoramas of the ocean and overlooking Herradura Bay on the central pacific coast.

The Beach Club is a perfect place for hangouts and socializing. Guests and residents have privileged access to the club and its excellent amenities along with dolce vita coffee. Moreover, there is an 18-hole, 72-par championship golf course in a tropical ambiance of rainforests and a crystal-clear blue water fuel dock. Have a fine time challenging your friends in a golf game while enjoying the incredible scenery.

Besides providing fine accommodation in one of the grand rooms, Marriott Hotel welcomes its guests to enjoy other facilities as well, such as restaurants, casinos, meeting, and conference rooms, saunas, and spas. Another unique feature of Los Suenos Resort is Marina Village.

It is about 40,000 sq. ft. and includes an impressive array of amazing bars, boutiques, internet lounges, restaurants, banks, medical and other services. Los Suenos Marina and Resort guarantees that all vacationers will have an impeccable and unparalleled time during their stay at jacó beach.

Los Suenos Marina:

Los Suenos Marina is the only specialized harbor running in Costa Rica that is sanctioned by the government. The marina provides an exclusive and high-standard service to many luxury sportfishing boats near jacó beach, lavish yachts, and various other charters. It has 200 wet slips, 100 dry slips, wide walkways, fuel docks, the latest technology, high-quality infrastructure, and a full-time experienced concierge at the resort and marina.

The slips can accommodate vessels of up to 180 ft in length! Other services provided by the marina are a 24-hour security system, video surveillance, trash removal, dry slips for vessels up to 35 foot in length, self-storage units, a marine supply store, a bar and restaurants, and a fuel station.

different tours for fresh seafood of hacienda kitchen is provided with an awesome view of the ocean nearby. billfish capital’s far east is at a diving distance.

Other than its amenities of Al Fresco, the marina’s location couldn’t be better! Los Suenos Marina is situated nearby one of the best fishing platforms where one can catch various game fish, and its beautiful location also makes other sports adventures possible such as surfing, snorkeling, and diving with experienced tour operators of Al Fresco.

Contact Los Suenos Marina:

Location: Los Suenos, Herradura Bay, Costa Rica
Phone Number: 011.506.2630.4000 and toll free 1-866-865-9759
Fax: 011.506.2630.4010

Los Suenos Marina and Resort:

It is considered one of the best resorts of all time for all the adventure on the pacific ocean. Which has a rating of 5 stars on their website people are made about it. They are providing the best ultimate services that are very well organized for those who visit with their family and friends.

Everyone wants to come back and visit them again when they did with their visit. Because they experience the best and most relaxing environment in the sueños resort and marina. sunset meal at all the adventures of experienced tour operators including dolce vita coffee.

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. The spa packages that they are provided are a spa and wellness package l, spa lounge, and their relaxation area and wellness center of sueños resort and marina. They have private beach spots in each of their rooms which is the key point of their uniqueness and success. It makes them luxurious. They have an open-air bath facility with luxury styles indoor and outdoor pools.

Room Facilities:

They are providing the best possible room facilities to their visitors including private bathrooms, sea view, air conditioning, private pools, private balcony, towels, kitchenette, Electric kettle, hairdryers, refrigerator, coffee and tea makers of sueños resort and marina, Mini bar with in-room and flat-screen TV, etc. There are much more than you think they are provided to you so that you will not face any kind of difficulty while living in the room.

Best quality of the resort:

They have so many best qualities in which their good services and their concern about their visitors involved but some are quite dominant in which free cancellation of the booking in term of any convenient m, proper continental breakfast provision in their packages, booking without the requirements of the credit card, pay at the hotel, etc includes. This is the reason why they have the best guest rating of the 8+ excellent on the list which is quite a good rating of sueños resort and marina.


If we are talking about the sustainability of the resort then we will notice that they are sustainable enough in terms of their travel property as well. Distance to the center that is from the inside of the city is just 2 km away from the center of the city.

Their neighborhood includes Herradura, Quebrada Ganado, and Playa Jaco which are quite good destinations to visit for the tours. You can easily visit them while being there in the resort because the distance is very short from there.


The best resort of los suenos marina is found in Costa Rica. Costa Rica vacation rentals are quite affordable in this Costa Rica resort. La Iguana golf, private beach club, and luxury sport fishing boats are splendid. You will surely enjoy Los sueños marina village. Los sueños resort marina offers La Iguana golf course that overlook Los sueños resort marina village.

Los sueños beach club is instance to what Costa Rica offers. Luxury yachts, the ultimate full-service port makes Costa Rica resort amenities. Asian Cuisine, resort character, Los sueños Marriott ocean, and wet slips accommodate vessels are stunning. Don’t miss this spot if you are in Costa Rica.

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