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Customized Adventure Tours in Costa Rica with Fishing Adventures

Customized Adventure Tours in Costa Rica with Fishing Adventures

Fishing Adventures is a sportfishing and diving charter based in Plays del Coco, Guanacaste in Costa Rica. The company has years of experience and delivers incredible service. The fishing crew and other staff members have been living in Costa Rica since their childhood and have all the information about the major destinations for fishing. They know the area like the back of their hands which allows them to take their guests to the best fishing grounds according to weather and fishing seasons. Fishing Adventures is committed to providing excellent customer service and promises an awesome adrenaline-pumping trip while ensuring the safety of their clients. Their boat is called ‘Ruler of the Sea’, a beauty which is a 25-foot Suzuki, 150 Cabo Express, 2009. It was made in the USA and is rigged with the latest high-class equipment, rods, and reels of Shimano International Company. The boat and gear are fully insured by the government. Fishing Adventures offers their customers various amenities; some of them include pick-and-drop service from any hotel in the Gulf of Papagayo, snacks, and drinks on every tour, superb customer service and safety measures, a stereo sound system, and many useful tips on fishing in the Pacific.

Sportfishing in Costa Rica is a highly popular sport and fishing enthusiasts all around the world visit the country just to have a good dose of fishing. Where else can you catch a plethora of striped Marlins, Sailfish, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna, and hundreds or more species? The beautiful ocean surrounding the Gulf of Papagayo not only offers a great platform for recreational fishing but its serenity is quite calming to the nerves. Fishing Adventures also arrange tours to Tamarindo, a secluded coast with flourishing aquatic life.

Fishing Adventures Tours

Fishing Tours

Full Day Tour

Want to go on a fabulous Fishing Tour for a whole day? Get your tackle ready and set out sailing with Fishing Adventures! The trip starts at 7 a.m sharp and guests embark upon their journey from any beach of the Gulf of Papagayo. On the boat, which is comfortable and luxurious, guests can enjoy the panoramic views of the ocean and bays. The fishing adventure begins when we reach Murcielago’s Island, a sublime isle alive with both marine and terrestrial animals. The vast biodiversity and enchanting beauty make the island one of the best spots for fishing. Different kinds of fishing techniques are practiced such as fly fishing, bottom fishing, casting, trolling, and live bait fishing. After fishing, customers can explore the island which can impress anyone with its mesmerizing beauty. The tour ends at 4.00 p.m. The tour includes a buffet-style lunch, sandwiches, drinks, fruits, rum and beer, radio, refrigeration, and a marine rest room. Up to 5 people can come. You can make reservations by placing a call or by filling out a form on their website!

Half Day Tour

The Half Day Tour is a six hours long fishing adventure about 10 miles away from the coast. The trip begins at 6 a.m and ends around noon. The guests are picked up from the beach and they can start their adventure right away! Several kinds of species can be caught all year round, especially Roosterfish. Guests can try out conventional fishing, trolling, bottom fishing, and catch and release. The boat can take up to 5 people. The rates are $350 per tour. The trip offers drinks, snacks, and fruits. You can make reservations by placing a call or by filling out a form on their website!

Other Tours

Besides sportfishing, Fishing Adventures organizes various types of other tours such as Sunset Tour, Marine Life Tour, Water Taxi, Surf Tour, Snorkeling Tour, and Boat Tour.

Fishing Adventures strives to provide wonderful ventures and make your Costa Rican holiday a great experience.

Contact Fishing Adventures

Location: Plays del Coco, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
Phone Number: +506 8994 7235
Facebook Page

Sports Fishing In Costa Rica:

There are different kinds of the fishes which you can catch in Costa Rica. You can learn about them from the relevant websites that are easily available and accessible from the internet for free. You can also learn about the best places to catch fish and which fish will be found in which place. You can easily learn about that as well.


There is a range of snapper fishes you can easily find in the region of Costa Rica. They include the Mullet, Pacific, and Cubera ones. You can also find them in numerous places as well.


It is one of the most thrilling experiences to catch this sailfish. Because of their special fighting ability and the speed that makes them different, and exciting to catch. Also, the aerial acrobatics make them very special.


See Also

It is one of the most demanding and fascinating kinds of fish that is common in Costa Rica. There is the requirement of many angler targets to catch the fish. This all makes this fish more mesmerizing and popular among others.

Dolfin fish, Dorado, Mahi Mahi:

They are considered one of the most beautiful fish in Costa Rica. With their special appearance which has green and blue shading and turquoise. These beautiful fish make everyone fall in love with them so easily.


Is the most amazing fish with the thrilling experience to catch them because of their fastest speed. You required high-level skills to catch them.


It is the kind of fish that is also known as the Robalo fish in Costa Rica. It is highly appreciated and regarded as one of the best fish to catch in the region of Costa Rica. Because it’s so many traits in terms of taste, experience, and beauty.

Spanish Mackerel:

In terms of beauty Spanish Macherel is considered one of the most amazing and prettiest fishes in the region of Costa Rica. They are beautiful from both inside and outside.

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