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Costa Rica’s Top Marina Pez Vela Destination: A Luxurious Getaway – Book Now for 2023!

Costa Rica’s Top Marina Pez Vela Destination: A Luxurious Getaway – Book Now for 2023!

Marina Pez Vela is located in Quepos, a beautiful port town of Costa Rica on the Central Pacific coast. The marina is an internationally acclaimed spot for retreats and various activities, particularly sportfishing for Pacific game fishes like marlin, yellowfin tuna, Mahi-mahi, roosterfish, grouper, cubera, wahoo, and snapper. Marina Pez Vela is an idyllic destination for vacationers and adventurers. It has a lot to offer; be it your romantic respite, family holiday, or a secluded getaway, Marina Pez Vela will live up to your expectations. In Quepos, experience the unique lushness of tropical scenery of the jungles, white sand beaches, and gentle oceanic breeze with the help of Marina Pez Vela. Besides enjoying the spectacular landscapes, guests are also welcome to use the various sophisticated amenities and services provided by the marina. With their dedicated experience and wholehearted service, Marina Pez Vela ensures the perfect and most memorable trip of your lifetime.

The Marina:

Marina Pez Vela has been operating since April 2010. It sprawling over a large area of 55 acres that includes the beautiful coastline of Quepos. It features about 300 floating wet slips that can accommodate vessels up to 200 feet, separate dry stack storage for vessels up to 35 feet, repair services, hauling, and boat yard amenities. There is a marine store which is well equipped with almost everything you need! From a set of fishing tackle, hardware, and bait to a pack of cold beer and foodstuff, guests will find everything they require at a great price. The marina presents both long and short-term dockage, a fuel system, excellent provisions, and several charters for sport fishing, water activities, and cruising. The staff is bilingual, cordial, and highly experienced. Other amenities include laundry, a marine restroom with showers, a restaurant, and pool, a fishing charter, a 24-hour security system, a public phone, a marine maintenance facility, dock carts, parking spots, postal services, and free wireless internet access. Guests will find an array of fabulous activities to do in Quepos suiting their budget and desires. Moreover, many comfortable accommodations can be easily found at a reasonable price. There are many bars, boutiques, and shops nearby Marina Pez Vela.

Marina Services and Amenities:


Guests at Marina Pez Vela can find many accommodations according to their tastes and budget. There is a wide range of hotels, vacation rentals, bed & breakfasts, villas, and luxury resorts in Quepos and Manuel Antonio. The staff at Marina Pez Vela will gladly help you find a great and comfortable place to stay!


Fancy a platter of Costa Rican seafood or a slice of wood-fired pizza? No problem. Just minutes away from the marina, there are plenty of restaurants, sodas, and diners serving a huge array of delicious dishes. Fresh seafood is usually a local specialty and is highly recommended.


For socializing and hangouts, head out to one of the bars located nearby Marina Pez Vela. There are many nightspots, cubs, and even discos in Quepos. Some of the local bars hold a special ladies’ night once a week where ladies can enjoy girl talk and discounted drinks!


The marine store at Marine Pez Vela displays souvenirs, gifts, crafts, branded clothes, and accessories. Furthermore, there are many shops in Quepos where you can surely find something to your liking. Don’t forget to take gifts for your loved ones back home

Contact Marina Pez Vela:

Location: Quepos, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Phone Number: 1-866-739-8352 and (506) 2774-9000
Youtube Channel:
Facebook Page:

Marina Pez Vela:

Activities and entertainment:

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There are different kinds of activities that are done within the region these are visiting beautiful beaches, a fitness center for everyone and especially fitness freaks, spa services of different types, a tennis court for having a productive playtime, fishing services as well for sportfishing lovers.

There are some days that have been considered great when you get a good amount of the best fish for yourself in these good fishes you can include consider tuna and yellow tuna fishes. This kind of fish gave us the tried angler and the tasty and fresh sashimi which is loved by most people. Surely catching these elite fishes will be considered a great success for the fisherman.

There is the wonderful rating and reviews that is divided into location, cleanliness, and value for the money. No doubt they are included as the best choice for visitors and travelers. 9.6 is the best rating for the locations, 8.8 is the best rating for the value of money and also 9.6 is the best rating for the domain of cleanliness. Which is a quite a great deal in terms of the recommendations.

Method for the arrangements of the boats:

You can book the best possible package for yourself for the Luna tour sports fishing at the hotel names Western Kamuk lobby which is located near the downtown of Quepos Central. They are different kind of charters that are provided to you like Ojaran 2 or Ojaran 3, also the Real Deel and the magic moon which is approx the (27 ft to 33 ft) based on k. The half of full days of the charters.

You can easily arrange boats for yourself right there and also visit their website and contact them directly for a better experience of booking as well. There is an offer for cancellation where you can get so many flexible offers. The customers have a free website. Marina Pez Vela. The review and rating of the website are also very quite good and this is one of the most prominent and dominant. You will make sure of the safety and health guarantees for the visitors. So that they have the surety that their family is secure and safe.

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