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Top Eco-Friendly Lodges In Costa Rica For Nature Lovers In 2023

Top Eco-Friendly Lodges In Costa Rica For Nature Lovers In 2023

Top Eco-Friendly Lodges In Costa Rica For Nature Lovers In 2023

Eco-friendly lodges in costa rica

There are several ecolodges to choose from in Costa Rica, and each one is committed to doing all it can to reduce its impact on the natural world. This allows guests to enjoy their time in the great outdoors without feeling guilty about harming the planet. The natural scenery of Costa Rica is as varied and breathtaking as the settings of the country’s eco-lodges, which may be found in a variety of locations, including mountains, valleys, and volcanic areas, as well as national parks, beach fronts, and even treetops. Continue reading to learn about our recommendations for the top eco-friendly hotels that Costa Rica has to offer.


You will have the opportunity to relax and get back in touch with nature at Finca Finca Luna Nueva. Additionally, you will have the chance to take part in and learn more about sustainable and conservation activities.

This rainforest ecolodge in Costa Rica is made up of various family-sized and individual bungalows, a tiny home with one bedroom that was built from red clay discovered on the property, and two bigger buildings with individual rooms that may be reserved. Meals that are organic, healthy, and tasty are provided thrice daily and come straight from the biodynamic farm that has been certified by Demeter. In addition, there is yoga, as well as amazing treatments in the spa.

Monteverde Lodges

The Monteverde Lodge and Gardens has been honored with a number of prestigious distinctions and accolades, including being included in National Geographic’s Tours of a Lifetime and being granted a Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor.

The cuisine, lodging, and service at this little ecolodge, which is located in one of Costa Rica’s well-known cloud forests, are of the highest quality, and there are knowledgeable local naturalists available to lead guests on tours of the surrounding area. Because these individuals have devoted their whole lives to researching this specific location, you will get the extraordinary opportunity to discover a side of Monteverde that is not often seen.


Olas Verdes

Are you interested in staying in a quaint ecolodge in Costa Rica? The distance between Olas Verdes and Playa Guiones is just a few steps. Following the clearing of land for agricultural reasons, Olas Verdes and the local community have put in countless hours of labor toward the goal of reforesting and revitalizing this area of Costa Rica.

The tourists that visit here will have the prospect to take in the breathtaking views of the beach and the woodland that are all around them. If you are interested in activities such as surfing, nature excursions, yoga, horseback riding, or even charity work, then Olas Verdes is the ideal spot for you to stay.

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Lodges in the Dantica Cloud Forest

The Dantica Cloud Forest Lodge is committed to adhering to the most stringent regulations and policies that are now in place for the operation of eco-lodges that are both ecologically conscious and sustainable. There is an organic herb garden on-site, in addition to a restaurant that serves all three meals and has a cuisine that is both comprehensive and rather delicious in its offerings.

The Dantica Cloud Forest Lodge does an excellent job of combining luxury with a little impact on the environment. Even an eco-friendly fireplace and a jacuzzi may be found in some of the bungalows and suites. From the convenience of their bedrooms, patios, or jacuzzis, guests may take into view the clouds as they pass above.

Lapa Rios

Macaws, sloths, toucans, and monkeys live among guests at the opulent eco-lodge known as Lapa Rios, which can be found in Costa Rica. There are 17 bungalows that are ideal for unwinding and recharging your batteries. In addition to that, it has been awarded and continues to retain accreditation for sustainable tourism. During your time at Lapa Rios, you will have the opportunity to go out and explore the Osa Peninsula with the assistance of knowledgeable tour guides and naturalists on a wide variety of excursions, including walks and tours.


It is not fair to wonder whether going to Origins is worth it, given its distant position in the extreme northwest of the nation, near the border with Nicaragua. This is because Origins is situated in the most isolated part of the country. Anyone who is prepared to make the trek, however, will be rewarded with spectacular views of the mountains, the rainforest, and even Lake Nicaragua in the distance from this amazing retreat.

The raw nature experience has been tamed with more than a little luxury as well: breathtaking vistas can be experienced from fire-heated hot tubs, and the food is cooked by chefs who have been educated in French cuisine using fresh ingredients from the area

Hacienda AltaGracia

Hacienda AltaGracia is a vast estate that is situated on a total area of 180 acres and is scheduled to reopen in 2021 after undergoing extensive renovations. Its two restaurants, both of which provide breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys, get practically all of their ingredients from inside Costa Rica.

While the majority of their coffee comes from local fincas, they have also planted 7,000 coffee plants on their property with the intention of having their own crop ready for harvest by the year 2025. Each of the fifty villas provides lots of room, as well as complete privacy, and guests may arrange for car transfer by texting the compás (a sort of personal butler).

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Pacuare Lodges

There are a number of luxurious lodges located in the central region of Costa Rica; however, none of them handle guests’ arrivals and departures as beautifully as Pacuare does. This 20-suite resort, which can only be reached by visitors participating in a whitewater rafting excursion, makes it clear right away that its goal is to combine luxury and excitement throughout their stay.

There will be more opportunities for rafting, as well as canyoning and canopy walks, as part of the adventure alternatives. In addition, there will be a trek to see Indigenous villages. In addition, guests have the option of unwinding in the Jawa Juü Spa or relaxing in a hammock throughout their stay.

Danta Corcovado Lodges

At Data Corcovado Lodge, a family-run refuge in the midst of Corcovado National Park’s rainforest, explorers with a love for sustainability and tribal culture are in for a treat. The lodge is located in a remote part of the park. A gentle program consisting of mangrove kayaking, forest walks in the footsteps of jaguars, and encounters with the Ngabe people, who are resplendent in rainbow-colored attire, are included in this effort to reboot urbanites’ worn-out souls on the Osa Peninsula, which is pounded by the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

The rooms and bungalows have teak flooring, bamboo struts, and furniture made of branches that have been lashed together. In the morning, you’ll be greeted by the patter of squirrel monkeys on the roof of your room.


La Leona Eco Lodge

The crashing waves, sun-silvered palms, or sensual bottle-green vegetation — whatever room you choose at the La Leona Eco Lodge, you are guaranteed a mesmerizing background while slouching in an Adirondack porch chair and sipping down another high-octane margarita. This is a family-run sanctuary of contemplative tranquility that is sandwiched between the biologically varied Corcovado National Park and the Pacific Ocean. The tent-like cabins have sturdy wood furnishings, and the sole source of light for reading is a candle. During the day, you may go horseback riding along the black sands. During the night, you can watch turtles hatch on the coast or participate in a guided nature walk under trees where macaws are shrieking.


Cielo Lodge, located in the south of the nation and overlooking the waters of the Golfo Dulce, first opened its doors in early 2021 during one of the most problematic times of the epidemic. But Keith and Nicole Goldstein, a husband-and-wife team who started the business, we’re certain that their spectacular six-suite hotel in the heart of 380 acres of woodland would prove to be a successful recipe.

Although the lodge has located some distance from the beach, the majority of the activities that are included in the cost of the reservation revolve around the wildlife-rich waters of the gulf. These excursions may involve observing whales and dolphins, going on tours of mangrove swamps, or venturing out to Bird Island.

Thermal Lodges and Spa at the Tabacón

As is the case with its neighboring competitors, Tabacón is in part characterized by the magnificent Arenal Volcano, which is a beacon of wonder that brings tourists from all over the globe. Tabacón isn’t lacking in attractions of its own, including an exceptional spa facility, despite the fact that the surrounding region offers an abundance of activities linked to volcanoes for the adventurer who is visiting. The garden is the highlight for many guests since it has been expertly created to enable naturally heated volcanic water to trickle through it and accumulate in separate meanders and pools, providing plenty of seclusion for bathers.

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Hotel Villas Gaia

The 14 wooden casitas (cottages) that make up Hotel Villas Gaia can be found only a short distance south of Uvita on the winding Costanera Sur Highway. These accommodations provide a stress-free way of life. The luxury that we seek here is one of simplicity. The furnishings are light and airy, and the ceilings are angular; moreover, your fan-cooled balcony is designed for unwinding in comfort. There is a strong desire to do nothing except lounge about in the pleasantly cold shallow end of the pool, emerging only for hearty lunches of pig or fish curry.

However, there is much more to enjoy beyond this, such as catching a glimpse of dolphins swimming in the seas off of the neighboring Playa Tortuga or going on a hike through the jungle. Possibly a mai tai at the towering Rancho bar as the orange sunsets over the Pacific Ocean.

Rancho Margot Lodges

A resort and a regenerative nature project in one, Rancho Margot envelops its visitors in an off-grid Eden of peaceful natural pools, rustic-luxe bungalows with high-rafted ceilings, and a bunkhouse for those looking for a good deal. In the northern highlands of Costa Rica, the property is tucked away discretely next to a raging river that empties into the placid waters of Lake Arenal.

The best thing about it is that it has an organic farm, which means that it provides homemade soaps, extremely fresh vegetables and meat with each meal, and the opportunity to help out on the farm and milk the cows in the event that the joy of practicing yoga twice a day, ziplining through the forest, and swimming in the spring-fed pool becomes too routine.

When you should visit the lodges the most

Temperatures are consistently in the range of 21C to 27C throughout the year. The tropical nation of Costa Rica is home to 12 distinct microclimates, each of which maintains its own unique characteristics throughout the year. The temperatures peak at a comfortable 28 degrees Celsius during the dry season, which begins in the mid of November and lasts until the beginning of April. The months of September and October see the most precipitation in Costa Rica, which experiences its “green season” from May through the middle of November.

Other Aspects

Luxury eco-lodges include Pacuare lodge, eco-lodge, playa nicuesa rainforest lodge, el silencio lodge, lapa rios lodge, harmony hotel, Tortuga lodge and other lodges in Costa Rica. There you will find organic gardens, hiking trails, and local culture. Zip lining, cloud forest, wildlife encounters, and wildlife watching.

You would love the mountain biking, and cliff overlooking. Beautiful beaches are the best among travel destinations in Costa Rica. Ocean views in Santa Juana and lowland rainforests are inviting. Bird watching in ocean views attracts more.

You can have direct access to beaches from the best luxury eco-lodges in costa.

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