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Big Game Sportfishing in Costa Rica with Dreams Sportfishing

Big Game Sportfishing in Costa Rica with Dreams Sportfishing

Costa Rica Dreams Sportfishing is a luxury sportfishing charter located at the dock of the exclusive Los Suenos Resort and Marina in Herradura, Costa Rica. The vast azure ocean encircling Herradura is known to be one of the best destinations for fishing in Costa Rica and hence is also home to various fine fisheries of Central America. Costa Rica Dreams is the only certified tour company in Los Suenos. Its location, deluxe environment, and various animated opportunities make it the prime charter operation in Herradura. Its main office is just an hour-long drive away from San Jose International Airport and in a small period, vacationers are at the fishing dock ready to begin their awesome tropical venture with Costa Rica Dreams. Whether it is a sportfishing enthusiast, a hardcore diver, a hiker, or simply a sightseer, Costa Rica Dreams aims to deliver a splendid service to its clients for just the right amount of money.

Known to hold the ‘secrets’ of fishing in central Pacific water, staff members of Costa Rica Dreams are experts when it comes to Tourists not only learning to catch a fish easily but also having the most enjoyable session of their tropical holiday. Captains and first mates make sure that tourists feel at ease and are not subjected to any discomfort. With their patience, cordiality, and amazing experience, they instruct and demonstrate to the clients about the fishing equipment, fishing seasons, feeding habits, and baits. You will be surprised how readily one can catch a fish if given a correct demonstration. The water runs quite calmly from the northwest to southeast as the mainland is not hit by the high winds. The calm water provides an excellent fishing ground. The dock is only an hour away from the fishing ground, so the venture is about fishing and less traveling. The company has a fleet of six magnificent boats rigged with the latest equipment and gear. Hatta Dreams, Wett Ryder, Dream Maker, Sweet Dreams, Dream II, and Los Suenos can take you on a fishing trip of your lifetime. Hatta Dreams can be rented for a whole day for $2,595 only. Discounts are given during the green and high seasons. It can take up to 20 people and with its 820 HP engine, one can have an impressive cruise on the yacht. There is an iPod dock, a television with a DVD player, air-conditioned staterooms, a completely furnished kitchen, and a lot of sublime ocean views. The full-day tour also includes a delicious meal of salads, roasted chicken, pasta, cookies, and muffins! Hatta Dreams is a perfect boat for large families or groups who are looking for a sport fishing trip sprinkled with lavishness. For a smaller group of people, say 3 or 4, Wett Ryder is a suitable choice. It can be rented for a full-day charter for just $1,195! Herradura offers a wide variety of possible catches, both offshore and inshore such as Tuna, Marlin, Sailfish, Mahi Mahi, RedSnapperr, Cubera Snapper, Rooster Fish and the list goes on.

Apart from sportfishing, Costa Rica Dreams also offers various other epicurean excursions such as a wild Crocodile Trip, intense zip-lining through the jungles, merry Monkey tours, a visit to Arenal live volcano, superb sunset cruises as well as comfortable accommodations and fine amenities at Los Suenos Resort and Marina. On your tropical vacation, make your dreams come true with Costa Rica Dreams

Contact Costa Rica Dreams Sportfishing

Location: Los Suenos Resort, Marina, Herradura, Costa Rica
Phone Number: 011-506-2637-8516 and 011-506-2637-8516

Costa Rica Dreams Sportfishing

Costa Rica’s dream sport fishing is a kind of the 5-Starr Charter operations of sports fishing in the region of the Los Suenos of the Marina, located in theta Rica. There have mutliplmultiple of charter boats that are operated very systematically. The beauty of the place is unexplainable and they have a huge following on different social media handlings where followers Gia ve different kinds of food compliments.

School of Jacks moving in unison Cocos Island Costa Rica

There are pictures and videos uploaded on the daily basis for their Instagram account where more than 1000 people follow them. They are giving a differenkindsnd of feedback according to their perspective and experience. Most of the reviews and quite good and this is the best thing about them.


Costa Rica dreasport fishing is one of the most dominant and exclusive charter companies that provide us with the best and most mesmerizing experience that is one of the most dominant companies in Los Suenos. It is located in the area of Jaco of the Beach. They also have the edge of being the largest operated and owned by Costa Rica.


They are offering different fishing packages for the fishing charters and tours of the whole of Tortuga island. They have booking options available on TripAdvisor you can have different options for booking anytime. Each package has complete information on time durations, and activities. So that you have a complete idea of what to select and when to select while visiting Costa Rica. One thing is very clear while you visit the region you will get the best life experience. And nothing will disappoint you. The experience, ambiance, and activities everything make you feel like out of the world for sure.

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For booking first, you need to sign in to get the amazing booking options and packing which you can select according to your relevance.

You can read and add your review after signing up. The different options that include there are:

.) 10 in one Highlights you’re of Puntarenas.

.) Tour of the Tortuga Island along with the Costa cats.

.) Experience the jet ski adventure From Herradura Bay to the Playa Fantasia

And different more options like that you can simply select the option according to the time and package. The best and most important point is that they are providing free cancellation policy as well. The traveler package recommendation from more than 91% of travelers. So this is considered a must-go while traveling to Costa Rica.

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