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2023’s Top Spots For Deep Sea And Inshore Sports Fishing In Costa Rica

2023’s Top Spots For Deep Sea And Inshore Sports Fishing In Costa Rica

Costa Rica has some of the best fishing in the world and is home to several world-class sport fishing destinations. There are many spots to catch Marlin, Sailfish, or Dorado. In addition, there are several offshore and deep-sea fishing locations for any boat type. For many years, Costa Rica was difficult to travel to by boat because of the distance and expense involved. But this has changed in recent years with the introduction of charter boats and other deep-sea fishing opportunities.

Here are some of the best spots in Costa Rica for Deep Sea Fishing.

1. Pacific Coast Fishing Spots:

The Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is home to many excellent deep-sea fishing opportunities, with some areas having a rich history of sport fishing for Marlin, Sailfish, and Dorado. The coasts of Costa Rica are home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and have excellent sport fishing for various game fish. There are many significant deep-sea fishing areas (offshore & marine) accessible from the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica for offshore fishing for Sailfish or Dorado. The following are some of the most popular fishing spots.

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Crocodile Bay Sportfishing Resort, Osa Peninsula:

This is the home to one of the most popular sport fishing operations in Costa Rica. This location has spectacular scenery and great opportunities for deep-sea fishing. Crewed charters are available, or you can book a head boat trip with a group of friends. This bay has private fishing boats and a renowned reputation for tuna and marlin fishing in the Pacific. There is catch-and-release fishing in the bay.

Marina Pez Vela, Central Pacific Coast:

This is one of the best fishing spots in Costa Rica and has a reputation for hard-fighting tuna and Marlin. This is an excellent deep-water destination for fishing charters out of Puntarenas on a head boat or private charter. Several types of boats are available, including offshore vessels (for larger groups or families) or smaller fishing boats designed for deep-sea fishing close to the coast. This makes it ideal for experienced deep-sea anglers and family reunions or large groups looking to get together to fish.

Quepos, Central Pacific Coast:

This is another excellent deep-sea fishing port in Costa Rica. Several ports are available, some of the most popular including Puntarenas, Quepos, and Caldera. Port Vela Marina is one of the largest fishing marinas in Costa Rica and is a good base for deep-sea fishing charters on the central Costa Rica coast. There are many different types of boats available for fishing charters, hotel accommodations (at nearby resorts), and all the facilities you need to make your trip successful.

Tamarindo Sportfishing, Guanacaste:

This is one of the most popular sport fishing locations in Costa Rica. Part of the Tamarindo Beach Resort, this location is a central spot for sport fishing charters out of Liberia or Jaco. Deep-sea fishing charters, hotel accommodations, and all the facilities you need to make your trip successful are available. The peak time for billfish fishing is April, May, and June, and Blue Marlin’s peak season is from July to September. However, this is one of the best deep-sea fishing spots in Costa Rica all year round.

2. Caribbean Coast Fishing Spots:

The Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica also has excellent deep-sea fishing opportunities and is home to some of the best marlin fishing in the world. Here are a few of the best spots to go fishing on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica.

Three Brothers Lodge, Southern Caribbean Coast:

This is one of the oldest sport fishing lodges in Costa Rica and is home to some of the best sport fishing in Costa Rica. It’s located on the southern Pacific coast near Quepos, where you can fish for sailfish and Marlin. The lodge offers guided deep-sea fishing charters for both Marlin and Sailfish (as well as other species). The lodge has cabanas at the lodge, and cabana rentals can be arranged on the oceanfront. Oceanfront rooms are also available, with a balcony overlooking the ocean and a pool.

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Canoa Lodge, Southern Caribbean Coast:

This is another good sportfishing lodge located near the Southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. It’s an excellent location for sport fishing charters where you can fish for Sailfish, Marlin, and Blue Marlin. Several different types of boats are available for deep-sea fishing (head boats and larger fishing boats), which can accommodate up to 12 anglers. The lodge has complete facilities and offers excellent meals with fresh fish (obviously). This makes it a popular destination for family reunions, large fishing groups, or charter fishing enthusiasts looking to hook into a Marlin or 2.

Cabo Blanco, Southern Caribbean Coast:

Cabo Blanco is one of the world’s most famous sports fishing locations. It’s located in front of Manuel Antonio National Park and is home to some of the best sport fishing outings in Costa Rica. Here you can enjoy a day of fishing for billfish, tuna, and dorado. This area has a reputation for hard-fighting fish and is the home base for many deep-sea fishing charters in Costa Rica. Anglers travel to Cabo Blanco from all parts of the world, looking to hook into a Marlin or 2. The best months to fish here are usually July through September, but you can find game fish all year round.

The different types of fish and the best time for fishing them

This is a list of the different kinds of fish available for fishing in Costa Rica. Each month is usually the best for fishing each type of fish, except wild-caught blue Marlin & ahi tuna, which are typically available year-round.

1. Marlin:

Marlin is a type of billfish and is large, powerful fish. They’re common in deep water around Costa Rica and are one of the best catches you can hope for when fishing in Costa Rica.

Deep water fishing

2. Sailfish:

Sailfish are another type of billfish and are a must-catch for anglers fishing in Costa Rica. They’ve been known to hit a lure consistently for over an hour, and some days, you can hook into 5 or 6 of them on the same day. The sailfish is found in warm water, typically in the Pacific Ocean. They are considered one of the most aggressive billfish and are known to be more than willing to fight when hooked.

3. Tuna:

Tuna is a type of billfish that also strikes almost instantly once hooked & is an excellent catch for both experts & beginners because they fight harder than other billfish, which is why it’s recommended for beginners to take some time on their first fishing trip out to Costa Rica.

4. Wahoo:

Wahoo is a billfish known for being one of the most aggressive fish you can catch in Costa Rica. They’re also reasonably large billfish and, if hooked, will dive deep, sometimes to depths as close as 200ft. Snorkelers or divers commonly catch them because they’re so hard to see underwater.

5. Mahi Mahi:

Mahi Mahi is a type of fish off the coast of Costa Rica and is expected in the waters around the Pacific side. They’re another excellent game fish that can be caught during a deep-sea fishing trip in Costa Rica and are considered one of the best-tasting fish you can find while fishing in Costa Rica.

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Deep-Sea Fishing Techniques in Costa Rica:

Local Costa Rican fishers have been fishing in the waters of Costa Rica for hundreds of years and have developed their styles and techniques for fishing. These fishing techniques are so unique that several fishers patent them throughout Costa Rica. Here’s a list of some of the standard methods used by Costa Rican fishermen:

1. Bottom Fishing:

In deep water, anglers usually fish for game fish with various lures, incorporating dropper lines. The dropper lines often drop down to depth in the ocean and come up with multiple baits for smaller game fish like snapper, groupers, and & sea bass.

Costa Rica fishing hub

2. Fly fishing for Marlin:

Fly fishing for Marlin is another unique Costa Rican fishing technique, and it’s tough to learn until you’ve fished for them yourself. This Costa Rican fishing technique involves using large flies through a series of back casts over 4 or 5 hours to catch the large Marlin. The best way to learn how to do this is by doing it yourself with some local fishermen.



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3. Deep Dropping:

Deep dropping is another Costa Rican fishing technique that’s a unique way to fish for fish in Costa Rica. It’s a technique used by both beginners and experienced anglers to catch several game fish, including Marlin, Sailfish, and Dorado. When you deep drop, the bait is usually lowered over 100ft or deeper where it will sink through the water column. This makes it hard to retrieve and allows you to catch several different game fish at once, making it an excellent technique for catching multiple game fish species.

4. Trolling:

Trolling is another unique technique used in Costa Rica for hundreds of years. It’s a great way to catch big game fish, and it’s known to work even in the most remote locations throughout Costa Rica. To utilize this technique, the boat uses large lures attached to long lines, which are then dropped into the ocean, trolling for game fish for several hours.

Deep-Sea Fishing Calendar in Costa Rica:

Here’s a list of the best fishing spots in Costa Rica and when you can expect to fish for the different types of fish in Costa Rica. It’s important to note that game fish can be caught all year round except Atlantic Blue Marlin & Ahi Tuna, which are typically available year-round.

1. Water Temperature:

Water temperature is one of the most critical factors regarding what types of fish you can catch while fishing in Costa Rica. It would help if you looked at the water temperature to determine what types of fish are available at certain times of the year and the ideal seasons for fishing game fish.

2. Fish activity:

The amount of game fish and the size of your bait will determine how soon you can catch fish in Costa Rica. If you choose to go out fishing when there’s a lot of bait in the water, you’ll have a much better chance of catching bigger game fish than if there’s only a small amount of bait in the water column.

3. Line type:

While using a braided line while deep sea fishing in Costa Rica is recommended, you should try to use monofilament lines as they can get caught on the boat and other objects close by. Monofilament lines are much more durable, and you can use them for a longer time without changing out the line, making them a better choice for the fisherman who wishes to fish for several hours during their trip.

4. Fishing gear:

Fishing gear is one of the most critical factors you should consider regarding what types of fish you can catch in Costa Rica. Beginners generally choose to use lighter tackle as they’re less likely to damage the fish, which is a great way to start fishing and get into deep-sea fishing in Costa Rica without getting hurt or damaging your equipment.

5. Fishermen:

Most fisherman in Costa Rica is located on the Pacific and Caribbean side of the country, and there are many more fishers closer to major cities than in other parts of Costa Rica. Fishers are much closer to civilization, which is excellent for beginners who don’t have fishing experience but can still learn from experienced fishers.

6. Fishing Season

You can catch several different game fish all year round in Costa Rica, including Billfish, Snapper, Grouper & Tuna. However, the dry season is the best time to catch the more enormous groupers and tarpon. For those who wish to fish year-round, these seasons should give you an idea of what game fish you can find during the different seasons in Costa Rica.


Deep-sea fishing in Costa Rica is an exciting way to experience one of the most beautiful coastlines on earth. The clear waters of Costa Rica make it easy to see the beautiful fish you’re looking for, which is another reason deep-sea fishing in Costa Rica is so popular. If you’re interested in deep-sea fishing in Costa Rica or want to learn more about how to get started with deep-sea fishing, subscribe to our channel to learn more about deep-sea fishing in Costa Rica and other exciting activities in Costa Rica!

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